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Daytona 2017 1.0


  1. Update v1.0

    • Updated terrain textures with google map image for a more realistic looking grass
    • Added new more realistic lighting around the track
    • added various new textures around track (for eg striped barriers to bring inline with current look, new road details, crowds, etc etc etc)
    • Added both oval and road course layouts
    • Brand new AI lines
    • Dyamanic groove inc oval
    • Added new surrounding building and city skyline panorama for more presence
    • Reduced materials as much as...
  2. small update

    Faster AI
    Fixed some cameras and added a new set
    Added some cut zones to turn 1 and bustop
    Some other small fixes
  3. Fixed holes in some of the walls, tyrewalls now collidable

    -Fix holes in walls that were causing cars to fall through the track
    -Tyre walls are now physical objects
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