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Aussie Textures (Vicroads Inspection, Traffic, Shop & Pub Signs) 1.1

Features Vicroads Inspection, Australian traffic signs, milk bar and pub ;)

  1. SuubbyRumble
    • Australian Traffic signs​
    • Milk bar shop with Australia Post box,​
    • Australian pub​
    • Vicroads Inspection Office.​
    • English Fleetari Repair shop sign​
    • 13/03/2017 - 1.0 - First Release​
    • 14/03/2017 - 1.1 - Added ATLAS_OFFICE.tex & ATLAS_DOORS.tex​
    1. Open UnityAssetsExplorer.exe in download
    2. Locate your sharedassets2.asset file
    3. Search for the files in sharedassets2 folder
    4. Rightclick file and click import from dds
    5. Rinse and repeat for other files.
    6. Then save assets and replace existing.