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Thrustmaster 24 Hours of Le Mans (LIVE)
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Anti-lag sound 1

Reactivate codemasters anti-lag sound in game ver 1

  1. ai driver
    This mod reactivates some anti-lag sound present in game ver 1.
    It does not affect online play and saved games. Nevertheless, make the necessary backup.
    It may not be realistic for some cars and I do not know how to tailor-made.
    The original files are included.
    1. original

    2. Mod

Recent Reviews

  1. tonio duran
    tonio duran
    Version: 1
  2. Karci
    Version: 1
  3. Kostya Tkachenko
    Kostya Tkachenko
    Version: 1
    Beautiful! Onboard sounds became really great.
    But if it is possible - it would be great to make external sounds much louder, like in real cars :)
  4. 996GT3_screamer
    Version: 1
    Great mod, thanks!
    Would it be possible to make another version where the sound is much louder? I want really loud bangs, not only small pops/crackles :)
  5. toweleeie
    Version: 1
    i luv you ha, nice work, thank you :)