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AMS V10 BAR skin 2002 season 1.1

nothing special here, move along... :rolleyes: ;)

  1. gamer19
    ~AMS V10 BAR skin 2002 season by shnala v1.1~
    AMS 2016-03-18 00-08-34-67.jpg
    update: v1.1

    Only two updates:
    1. Garage textures has got some facelifting, looks and fits a lot better now.
    Still the only team from AMS V10 series that has real team garage look ! :giggle: Kudos to me. :sneaky:
    AMS 2016-03-24 22-22-16-85.jpg
    Warning: Garage file works only on Reiza tracks (on modded tracks you will have default Reiza's texture) since new tracks from modders use their own textures.
    But that should be too much problem since (for now) we only have 5 of those. And about 30 of Reiza's.
    AMS 2016-03-24 22-23-12-82.jpg
    2. Removed you-know-what-logos from entire file. And that include this read me, garage texture and file title itself. Now it's 100% clean and... well, harmless.
    Just another :rolleyes:...fantasy texture for game called Automobilista, and V10 cars category. Hope it's ok now.
    AMS 2016-03-24 22-06-16-97.jpg

    Enjoy. :)
    shnala aka gamer19


    1. AMS 2016-03-17 23-35-52-54.jpg
    2. AMS 2016-03-24 22-09-15-23.jpg
    3. AMS 2016-03-24 22-26-27-05.jpg
    4. AMS 2016-03-24 22-25-05-77.jpg
    5. AMS 2016-03-18 01-10-13-53.jpg

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  1. AliceB
    Version: 1.1
    Awesome job!