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Alitalia GP fantasy skin for Tatuus FA01 (AR 2016) v2.0 version 2.0

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  1. Marco Sabbatini
    Hello guys!
    This is my fantasy skin for the Italian Championship AsfaltoRovente.it

    I hope you like it :)


    1. Screenshot_tatuusfa1_ks_nurburgring_18-9-116-22-27-17.jpg
    2. Screenshot_tatuusfa1_ks_nurburgring_18-9-116-22-25-15.jpg
    3. Screenshot_tatuusfa1_ks_nurburgring_18-9-116-22-22-21.jpg
    4. Screenshot_tatuusfa1_ks_nurburgring_18-9-116-22-22-5.jpg
    5. Screenshot_tatuusfa1_ks_nurburgring_18-9-116-22-21-32.jpg
    6. Screenshot_tatuusfa1_ks_nurburgring_18-9-116-22-21-18.jpg
    7. Showroom_tatuusfa1_18-8-2016-21-54-5.jpg
    8. Showroom_tatuusfa1_18-8-2016-21-53-38.jpg
    9. Showroom_tatuusfa1_18-8-2016-21-53-23.jpg
    10. Showroom_tatuusfa1_18-8-2016-21-53-9.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Roderick Kennedy
    Roderick Kennedy
    Version: version 2.0
    Wow,lovely work.Thank you.
  2. AlexMurphyITA
    Version: version 2.0
    superb :D
  3. schrep1964
    Version: v1.1
    Very good. Thanks!
  4. AlexMurphyITA
    Version: 2016-08-10
    nice work! :D
    1. Marco Sabbatini
      Author's Response
      Thanks Alex!!