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Acer Skin for Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 1.1

Blue skin with pink brands.

  1. NegenTienTwaalf
    preview.jpg This mod is a skin for the Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 car, it's a light blue skin with pink brands, like you can see on the screenshots. I know it's not the best skin, but I'm still practising and learning about making skins, so there will come more and better skins soon! Feedback is always welcome and hopefully you guys will enjoy this skin! :) View attachment 183107 View attachment 183108 View attachment 183109
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Recent Reviews

  1. Lachlan B
    Lachlan B
    Version: 1.0
    The contrast between the blue and the pink just doesn't work. Try outlining slightly in black to improve it or a different blue or stronger purple.