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Abarth 1000tc inspired scuderia ferrari 2016-01-18

Abarth 1000tc, scuderia ferrari, assetto corsa

  1. peppinosan
    Per gli amici appassionati dall'Abarth 1000tc ho preparato un'altra skin ispirata alla scuderia ferrari f1 2015 , ringrazio Angelo Granata per aver modellato 3d questa splendida auto. Spero vi piaccia a Presto Peppinosan

    For friends and fans of Abarth 1000 cho I prepared another skin inspired by the Ferrari F1 team in 2015, Angelo Granata thank you for this beautiful car modeled 3d. I hope you like Presto Peppinosan

    2 mix abarth.jpg Screenshot_abarth_1000tc_vallelunga_17-1-116-23-45-57.jpg Screenshot_abarth_1000tc_ks_zandvoort_17-1-116-23-54-10.jpg Screenshot_abarth_1000tc_vallelunga_17-1-116-23-38-41.jpg
    Screenshot_abarth_1000tc_vallelunga_17-1-116-23-35-20.jpg Screenshot_abarth_1000tc_vallelunga_17-1-116-23-34-26.jpg


    1. Screenshot_abarth_1000tc_ks_zandvoort_17-1-116-23-55-6.jpg
    2. Screenshot_abarth_1000tc_vallelunga_17-1-116-23-37-23.jpg
    3. Screenshot_abarth_1000tc_vallelunga_17-1-116-23-37-49.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. gepponoia
    Version: 2016-01-18
    Bravo splendida skin!!!!
  2. Mathieu72Leroy
    Version: 2016-01-18
    Excellent, but I think it'll be better with old Ferrari sponsors
  3. kelnor34
    Version: 2016-01-18
  4. jerry090460
    Version: 2016-01-18
    Excellent skin . this livery and my favorite , thanks mate ! :)