• Goodbye Dan Gurney, and thanks for the memories...
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A lil skin pack for Retro Truck mod 2016-01-23

wip skin pack

  1. Cross-B
    Here, a litle skin pack for the Retro truck mod .
    I know it s not probably the best skins you ever seen ,
    but my focus is to share .THe entire skins are steel in wip and i will working again and continue to add some other trucks .
    some are real trucks like Adam'lacko's renault truck(etrc) GRAB_112.JPG GRAB_087.JPG GRAB_106.JPG GRAB_110.JPG GRAB_016.JPG and ashey cooper (north american big rigs ) and some are simply fantasy , especialy an ode to Rip HF Giger , father of alien .

    Cordialement XB