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1992 Replacement Teams 1.0

The cars that will replace Benetton, Venturi, Minardi and Brabham

  1. airutonpurosuto8912
    This is the 1992 replacement cars that are the Andrea Moda, Dallara, March and Ligier. Thanks to ML2166 for the car models

    The original teams will be replaced by these:
    Force India (Benetton) ---> Dallara - all by Milos
    HRT (Brabham) ---> Andrea Moda - all by Milos
    Mercedes (Venturi) ---> March
    Toro Rosso (Minardi) ---> Ligier - because I made the Ligier livery on that chassis

    Pictures here (updated) f1_2012 2014-05-30 20-39-20-77.jpg f1_2012 2014-05-31 13-52-51-97.jpg f1_2012 2014-05-31 13-57-44-41.jpg
    f1_2012 2014-05-31 16-33-44-15.jpg


    1. f1_2012 2014-05-31 16-10-26-15.jpg
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