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Zandvoort 07 I need some help

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Roberto Silvestri, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. hi people,
    i need some help!
    I can't do more than 1.51 in zandvoort 07 with bmw e90
    My sector 3 is orrible
    Help please, I accept some setup or track guide, thanks!

  2. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium

    dont complain...my best is a 1:54 in the Honda :p
  3. Ok but i want to do better than 1.50.x min 1.49.8
  4. Maybe we should have a thread for all of us noobs asking for help:) j/k

    Anyone ever thought about teaching a race school online? I am sure many would be willing be pay some $$ for that...
  5. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro

    Yeah! i sure need some help too! i mean, not payable, but some topics to give hints!

    well you can go in time attack mode and download hotlaps, and then follow the ghost or the raceline! ;)
  6. Time attack isn't as accurate as practice or race. I am usually 2~3s faster when running time attack...
  7. Attack time haven't fuel and tires that will consume
  8. actually you should not really have that big of difference....it should be more .2 sec faster in time attack....or at least that is with me..

    the trick at Zandvoort is to brake as late as possible...and as fast as possible without stalling the engine...and sticking those tires on track...
    if you see here, you will see how fast you can go
  9. Uhhh, with the '87 WTCC cars at Curitiba I can actually go more then 4 secs faster than the record... On the all laps list of 2007 cars, I could be 8th with my best laps at Curitiba, Brands Hatch and Monza. However, the last time I had a practice at Monza was long ago, so I'm not sure I could do my personal best (2:00.6)instantly. The other 2 could be also hard, but not that much as I race on those 2 tracks much more often!
  10. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro

    i know it's not good because of the fuel and tires, but it's nice to follow a faster time and try to lear the line ;)
  11. 1:50:XX here.. faster i cant cause i got the problem that i end to fast at the corners :S i hate the corner afther the S corner at zandvoort...
  12. Hey guys,

    i m driving the honda in heavy rain and my recordtime is 2:04:999
    the ai cars (difficulty 95%) are driving 2:00: .... (fastest one)
    i just feel i can't go any faster
    i think i know the track well enough
    and have tried lots of different setups
    any advice / tips

    thnx in advance
  13. WTCC @ Zandvoort was the first car/track combo I ever tried on Race07 (which was my first racing sim) and that was the closest I ever came to giving up on sim racing altogether. Even now after 2 years of constant practicing I'm still normally slower than the ai at around 92% on any track, but Zandvoort is my absolute nemesis (best time 1:53 and that was a one-off fluke). Fortunately I discovered I'm not so bad at the other classes (Pretty damn good with the GT's if I do say so myself:)). But those ruddy WTCC's - I think it's safe to say that after 2 years with no improvement whatsoever, failure is most certainly an option.
  14. We had that. It was the Warren Daves Development series (or something like that..). Just that the "students" weren't exactly lining up and as a result (IMHO) the teachers didn't have enough time to teach.. Too bad, i had a huge benefit from that even if i got to drive in one lesson only:coffee2:.
  15. zandvoort is a real challenge to nail. if its the last sector, I reckon it's the last three corners that cost you. you have to break pretty late into the 3rd from last, but still get on the power very early on the way out. 2nd from last is the real headache, i've still not got it sorted. the apex is slightly later than it looks, so it's easy to break too early, turn too early and have to readjust, which kills the exit speed, which you should carry all the way to the line. go a little too fast and you'll end up on the gravel. i try to arrive at the proper speed a touch before the corner, then turn in progressively whilst looking for the apex, then blast out decisively. last corner i take a little tighter than the AI, if I end up with any extra space you can use it to accelerate a little quicker. I think I'm about as quick enough to beat the AI @ 98% in the dry, don't know the lap time off hand.
  16. Why dont u set up a quick private online game and we can join to see if there are any issues?
  17. well the thing is,

    i wouldn't know how to do that
    i never raced online before :-S

    the second thing is that i've got crappy internet connection and
    i haven't got much download left. (living in a student home...)
    (I don't know if that has anything to do with it
    like I said; I have never tried online racing before)

    I don't know if trail-braking might lead to quiker lap times
    (probably it would)
    but I haven't learned it yet, never triedit before to be honest
    (btw; that seems awfully hard to do!!)

    thnx for the advice (and invite) anyway guys