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Yet another help me thread, Imola, F. Abarth

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Apatride, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. Apatride

    Premium Member

    Hi guys,

    I had posted a similar question in the past but the video I provided had no sound and included a warm up lap and those who did not have the patience to watch both laps might have been given inaccurate info... Anyway, quite a few questions here but first, a big thanks to Graham Laing for providing me with an easy way to capture video!

    The video:

    So on top of general advice, I would like to get some ideas regarding:
    -How can I limit the understeer, I already have 7 degrees front spoiler for 0 degrees back and have been trying to make the front bar less stiff but I keep on understeering a lot mid curve, making me miss the apex and slowing down my exit. I tried to slow down but then I get an early apex so slow down and late turn and then I lock the front wheels and understeer anyway...
    -This leads to: How can I take the big curve before upwards slope (Tosa?) efficiently?
    -I am getting back into learning hor to race because I am finally getting a gaming headset so I plan to join some online races/sessions, can you recommend other cars I should try to get used to?
    -Am I the only one who hates the engine protection that prevents you from downshifting when you want to and makes slowing down using the engine quite random?
    -Any comment on how to improve is welcome (I am currently around 105% of best time according to RSR Live but I regularly fall above 107%)


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  2. Cristian Haba

    Cristian Haba
    #555 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium Member

    If you want to limit oversteer than add some rear wing, your car setup produces the most downforce at the front like you have it set up. It follows logic that when at the point of turning in the nose of the car will be generating more df and have more grip thus being more loaded than your rear tires (chassy) and the result is oversteer.

    In general formula cars are faster with more downforce than you would find on say a GT car.
  3. Apatride

    Premium Member

    Ooops Understeer, I meant understeer. Sorry
  4. One of my favorite cars in AC, recently i rediscovered it, it's a great "toy".

    Lower the front end ride height and raise the rear.
    Crank up the rear anti roll bar, take differential coast off and full (90%) differential power.
    Up the lower gears a bit so you don't get blocked by the limiter.
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  5. Apatride

    Premium Member

    Thanks. The limiter is not a problem, I reach the same top speed, if I change the last gear ratio, it just takes more time to get to the same speed.
    Lowering the front seems to help a bit, thanks for the tip. I ll have to test a bit further but I am considering switching to another car. This one could give me some bad habits due to its weight which makes it quite different to drive than most other cars. And the engine protection system just makes braking efficiency completely random on this car, turining a fun experience into a very frustrating one...
  6. Regarding gears the change i suggested is a longer 2nd and 3rd, space accordingly after that(from watching the video i don't "like" the way you spaced them) it helps to avoid the protection.
  7. Apatride

    Premium Member

    Ok, I see what you mean. I ll give it a try, thanks.