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WIP yas marina

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by ammods, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. ok since my good friend and mentor lol @Mr Whippy has suggested it, this is a place holder for yas marina,

    I will post pics as I get time to do it, this will be the codemasters f12010, now I know how you feel about conversions of "official" 3d models I wont be releasing here, however if anyone wants it, it, i'm sure we can work something out.

    watch this space
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  2. attached is an overview of yas marina, as you can see that there is ALOT of space..the problem i'm facing is, how do i reduce it down low enough to get a good frame rate.
    the other is, i'm not sure whether or not this is gonna be a problem or not, i know the blue should be on one side and the red on the other..but every so often this happens. advice please.

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  3. Can you drive the track?

    What kinda draw counts do you have when you drive the track? I think it's the CTRL 5 or 6 screen.

    The lower the better, within reason.

    I have a GTX760 in Racer, and at 1920x1080 my FPS are around 120fps on a good track.

  4. yes i can drive it, i've done multiple laps in this track, without fences it slows down right near the "ferarri" center on the corner there. i'm using much the same screen size and i'm using an ati/amd r900 series card, with 2gb dedicated...hope this pic gives you the answer your after

    the fences will need to be reduced in polygons and i'm hoping i can then export them

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  5. 4291 draw calls... eek!

    What processor do you have?

    I'd prefer to get that draw call down to about 500 on a track like that. In theory that might multiply the FPS by at least 3x or so, maybe more!

  6. how do i reduce the draw calls? my psu is a core i3
  7. Basically any single DOF and/or texture needs to have a draw call sent to the CPU to prep it for rendering.

    So if you have a DOF with one texture object inside it, that means a draw call.

    Or if you have one DOF with say 5 textures in it, then that is 5 draw calls.

    So it's quite common perhaps that 5 fence objects each with 2 textures per object, will need 10 draw calls in the end.
    In that case it might be better to have 2 fence objects, one big one for all the first texture, and one big one for all the second texture, so two draw calls.

    Really a draw call should contain as much data as possible without causing costs elsewhere.
    So lets say you have a 1/4m drag strip where all the fences are visible all the time, probably best to have one big object.
    But on a long track where you can't see some fences, then split them up, but then turn those fence objects off when they can't be seen.
    If you chop up fences like this for example, you'll always see two, the one you are 'in' and the one coming up ahead... so no point splitting if you are on a small track where you only need to split once any way... may as well have no splits than one split and still always see all the fences most of the time!

    Just think of what you can see and what can be sent to the CPU all as one job rather than many smaller ones.
    Obviously there are lots of trade-offs and balancing to do, but generally if you try at all to optimise then the FPS should be good.
    If you work really hard at it then the FPS should be increasingly good.

    Console game optimisations go really far because on a fixed platform those smaller and smaller optimisations will be known to be a benefit to everyone.

    On a PC that is less the case, and differences in CPU/GPU may swizzle the balancing around a bit, but it still holds true that optimising is key to good performance.

    Like I said, on that Roggel track that was released by Cruden a few years back, the FPS on my machine were like 50fps or something. I just batch optimised the trees alone and my FPS went up to about 65fps, or a 30% gain perhaps.
    Add in LOD, and batching all those other buildings etc and no doubt you'd get even more FPS.
    I think with an optimal rendering set-up for a mid-range PC that track would have run at 100fps on my machine. It just takes time to do!

  8. Is this dead or can I try it?
  9. yes it's dead for now at least.
  10. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    hi dude,
    ...tried the rf version...i'm less 500 draw calls...

    if you are interested to share know how and / or infos...send me a pm..

    Last edited: Dec 16, 2014