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Xbox360 wheel

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Jack Evans, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Hey guys what would you recommend is the best xbox 360 wheel for f1 2010 watever the price.
  2. i think the 360 wheel is the best option..
  3. I bought one used, but just as new as the day it came out of the box. I got it for $75.00 (£47.20) and it included the wheel, pedals, sturdy brace, all cords as well as a PGR game. (The latter was just something he included, not something I paid for.) It works really good to be honest, although I have not tried any others. (Thus, I have a bit of tunnel vision in this respect.) The FFB on my wheel at least, is very good & after adjusting the settings, the wheel turn is spot-on as that of the game. It definitely makes the game a lot more enjoyable and it makes those hairpin turns a sinch. It was always a bit_h finding the 'sweet' spot for the hairpin on Monaco using the controller (LS).
  4. Yeh the official xbox steering wheel is cool. took me a couple of evenings to get used to it as it felt very foreign and the accelerator seemed ultra sensitive but love it now.

    Only problem is getting hold of one, i fluked it (im in the UK) by keeping an eye out for new stock in Argos. I noticed one was in stock at Holborn in London so reserved it and picked it up the next day. Ive heard Argos get the odd steering wheel in stock from time to time but you have to be quick to snap them up and be willing to travel to get it. Use the site to search stores via postcodes. Its either that or paying over the odds for one on ebay.

    Another good techinique is keeping an eye out for one in the online classifiieds sites such as gumtree and loot etc.. The sellers on there dont seem to realise quite as much that the official steering wheels are in demand so have them at a more resonable price. I nearly got one through gumtree for £30 but i pulled out as the clamp and power cord was missing.
  5. Unfortunately there's not a lot of choice of wheels for the Xbox. The Fanatec wheel is supposed to be very good but the only place I've seen them for sale is on the Playseat website and they are over £350.

    I've got an Xbox wheel and love it, it completely changes the experience of playing racing games. It takes a little bit of getting used to at the beginning, but I wouldn't switch back to using a gamepad now. I managed to get mine from a Game store a few months ago. Game don't have any on there website but you might find one of their stores still have one. They were between £80 and £90 in store.
  6. Now only £57.99 at argos if you can find one :)