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Xbox live accounts hacked!

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Wayne Thomas, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Regarding Tom's post about Mike TKR Nemesis.

    Just checked online.

    This seems to be happening with FIFA 12 users!due to ultimate team/cash purchases.

    Also with offers of free ms points - they lead you up the garden path then steal your family jewels .......

    If it sounds too good to be true it probably is ....
  2. I hope Mark gets sorted out quickly and that nobody else falls victim.
  3. I changed my password as soon as I heard about it. Theres no way anyone is taking me away from my beloved Forza!!!! TO THE DEATH!!! ARRRGGGGHH...
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  4. the free points scam is completly true dont know why any lowlife person would do such a thing. hope he gets it sorted
  5. Hi guys the whole sorry saga is posted on DTM Test Event @ Hockenheimring GP - Monday 2nd January page but my advice is that if you have an EA account use a harder password or even close the account. If your XBox live account is linked to a credit card or paypal then make sure your password is hard to crack as this is how they cleared me out!
  6. Another scam!

    Just been offered free MS points while playing BF3. Sent link to a website, already knew it was a scam though so set him straight!

    Xbox would like users to report all such phishing scams by File complaint method, under text communication etc.. They will then follow up as appropriate.

    The idiot will probably bad rep me now but it was worth it!
  7. Nothing wrong with a bit of bad rep. I've got 70% haters lol, usually through driving excellence (I think) :rolleyes:
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  8. Yeah I've got quite a bit of bad rep as well. Never understood- I thought I was a nice guy!
  9. Maybe we should all love each other up! Lol!
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  10. 'N annhymerus' dod â'r olew, os byddwch yn dod â'r hufen wedi'i guro!
  11. I needed Google translate ....

    "I'll bring the oil, if you come with whipped cream!"

    Is it close?

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  12. LOL.. The joys of modern technology!! :eek:
  13. Hahahahaha :)
  14. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Oh Man! sorry to hear this guys, i'm sort of happy my 360 is done at the moment;)