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XBox 360 controller settings for R3E

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by SeriousNewb, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    I'm a bit a casual racer, I play when I can, and use a 360 pad. Might invest in a wheel at some point but not planning right now. I generally use the default controller profiles and manage otherwise okay but I'd appreciate any tips on game pad settings from the point of view of dead zones, steering speed and acceleration and braking force. I guess one could even go so far as having different settings for individuals classes or cars. I noticed one of the wheel support features was allowing settings per car.

    Anyway just a note here on the off chance that someone might have something useful to share
  2. When I used the pad I went from one extreme back to the default in the end. It will be a journey trying to get it right. :)
  3. Okay so that's it then, time to get serious! I'll give it a go.

    Funny you should say that as I did it only today- From default to changes recommended in a discussion on Steam and back to default again. And it even worse when I start changing cars and tracks. Best to just stick to one car and track on default and I guess the Fanatec competition is just that so thanks guys, really appreciate the pointers :)

    And that's weird, I just realised that I'd tried Portimao for the first time ever (in R3E) today.
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  4. I got started on the Fanatec comp. On Amateur I got 2 mins so far (like 500th or something.,,) using 360 pad on default with the handbrake enabled for cutting corners RallyX style so I've been defying the laws if the in-game gravity. No way I'll get even close to <50, suppose I should have a go at Novice :)
  5. speed sensitivity - 0
    analog sector 1 - 1.7
    analog sector 2 - 1.9
    analog sector 3 - 2.1
    return multiplier - 4
    steering, throttle, brake sensitivity - 0
    steering, throttle, brake deadzone - 0
    steering lock in car setup - 10

    this is what i use and i think im pretty close to the limit of what can be done with gamepad, to be fast with gamepad u have to be very smooth and very precise, make very slow moves with the analog sticks and forget about handbrake that wont get u anywhere
  6. Okay thanks, I'll try and those values. And set some % values to zero, that's interesting.

    Yes the handbrake option is indeed a bit dumb. Was trying it in the absence of any better settings options for the 360 pad. I'll post here if I manage to reduce the lap time. Thanks again!
  7. Thats because there isn't any handbrake in R3E.. .;) (except on the hilclimb tracks)
  8. The car seemed to be sliding when I applied it. I don't know. It's in the secondary options at least, where the seat movement options are. Newb strikes again :)
  9. Yes you can map a handbrake button, but only in use on the Hillclimb tracks. :)