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Wrong timer!

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Marko1986, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Hello,I am playing carrer mode and everything was fine until Hockenheim and now Budapest.My lap time is about 10 sec behynd the leaders.I try to calculate time whit my watch and find out that game timer is cheating for about 8 sec. Is there any solucion for my problem? Thanks
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Are you using an old or a new engine? Maybe you ran out of new engines and the engineer assigns you an old one at random?
  3. I'm running a new engine.It's on 99%
  4. Did u read his post? How can u ask if he used a old engine?! When his watch count a other time than the game.
  5. Maybe his watch is off not the game? it seems easy to blame the game but not the watch :)
  6. heh,good question! but unfortunately my watch is correct..I was struglling 2 days until i deside to test game watch..How else explane that pole position driver is 10 sec better than me..before that (hockenhaim) I had one pole and few in first five.!
  7. what difficulty do you play on theres somebody else i have been talking to and he says he is ten seconds off the pace and he is driving the track really smoothly and well and i cant for the life of me understand why cos he is playing on amatuer and the AI are useless on amatuer wierd
  8. my difficulty level is medium and AI is on professional.I really don't know what is going on,,first 10 races was all good and now in hockenheim and budapest the differance is 10 sec
  9. that is really confusing me i cant understand that at all are you running fuel sim if so try it with it off either that or it is a sign than the computer really wants to beat you lol
  10. i tried with fuel simulation on and off but there is no changes!
  11. I have the same feeling that the F1 clock is manipulated. I don't know why...
  12. I tested..real 2 minutes in game is abot 2:15..now I'm driving in Spa,time is wet.Weber got pole with 2:05 and my best result is 2:20 and cant better..Is it possible that some mod mess my timer.i put some mods for cameras!?
  13. I tested too. Dry condition track Sakhir Real 2 Minutes Expert ai all sims on. I tested with my iphone. 2 Minutes ingame were 2 Minutes on my iphone - no difference.