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Wrap effect on triple screens

Discussion in 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' started by DjFIL, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. Does anyone know where in the camera files (or another file?) to edit the amount of wrap/warp that happens on the outside screens of a triple screen setup. I took a screenshot and look at it on one monitor... it looks like it would be ok if I had my outside monitors at 0-5 degree angles. But I have my monitors at about a 25-30 degree angle, and it makes the dash and passenger side mirror look really weird.

    Changing FOV doesn't fix it.

    Setting the uset r_multimon_mode from 1 to 2 makes the wrap change, but almost to the opposite effect. There has to be an option for fine adjustment to this.
  2. I don't think there is, but changing the FOV (which is a whole silly hard exercise in itself) will help tremendously. With r_multimon_mode set to 1, the angles are the same as 0 but the HUD is moved onto the center screen.

    However, with r_multimon_mode set to 2 the outside monitors render from their own view point. You can't adjust the angle they're on, but if you adjust the FOV I have found that you can use r_multimon_mode=2 and find a sweet spot where the objects "line up" nicely in the interior cabin view. I use 55 degrees and it works really really well. Its a touch unrealistic but very useful, since you can see out both windows without moving the viewpoint in the game.
  3. Figured it out with a huge thread on the SCS forums. I'm using 43 degree's per screen with 1.5 in-between (would be 2 or 3 if it wasn't for my bezel overlap). I've also adjusted the head view so it's slightly further back, and is a bit lower than normal... but no head tilt (up/down) so the horizon draw looks correct. Slightly unrealistic, but as mentioned you can see both windows without moving viewpoint. But feels great.


    Only one question that hasn't been answered. Is there an easy way to hop in to every different cab to test the camera file? I only own the MAN truck, but would love to test my file on all the other trucks (without purchase) and then release the mod to the public.
  4. Maybe make a save game, then do a cheat mod to get all the trucks and restore when you're done?