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World Time Zone?

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Patrick.B, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys i Have a question. For Example :

    The Trophy Race start at 16 GMT, In germany ist 5pm right ?
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  2. Here are the times of when something starts:

    Sunday, 10:35 GMT: Server opens for PQ 1
    Sunday, 10:45 GMT: Pre-Qualifying Group 1
    Sunday, 11:00 GMT: Server opens for PQ 2
    Sunday, 11:05 GMT: Pre-Qualifying Group 2
    Sunday, 11:20 GMT: G1 Practice
    Sunday, 11:35 GMT: G1 Qualifying 1
    Sunday, 11:45 GMT: G1 Qualifying 2
    Sunday, 11:50 GMT: G1 Warmup
    Sunday, 12:00 GMT: G1 Race Start
    Sunday, 13:30 GMT: G2 Server opens
    Sunday, 13:40 GMT: G2 Warmup
    Sunday, 13:50 GMT: G2 Race Start

    And no, you are +2 GMT like me (I'm Slovenian), so the race starts at 2 or 3:50pm for you.
  3. +2 CET for Summer Time Zone and +1 CET for Winter Time Zone :)
  4. now its summer time ... if its 10GMT than its 12 am in germany
  5. yes