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WIP WIP Clocaenog forest

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by SPERGER, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. This is my second project with BTB. I actually started it before my first project but I have taken my time to get it right. It's still in the very early stages and has been started over a few times as I have learned more about BTB and track building. Some may recognise the name of the stage as the first stage from the game Mobil1 rally or RC2000. I have visited the stage and driven around about half of it on a rainy day in November and as a result I decided to start it in a different place than the original, about 300m further back. I have designed my project as a network of 30 or so roads that can be re-configured to make alternative routes after I have completed the one based on the game. I hope to be able to go back soon to get a video of the whole stage.

    So far I have imported all of the roads and created most of the junctions. based on information from Google earth and the Ordnance survey map of the area.

    Here is and overview map of the area taken from BTB in top view showing the main road in black and all of the other roads in grey
    Here is a photo of the start from my visit in November 2009
    and here is a screen shot from BTB of the start of an earlier version of the track
    Total length of the main stage is 20km but in total I think I have abot 40km of roads with a variety of widths and surfaces
  2. Real challenge to drive on this stage. Is it 3m wide?
  3. The first road is about 3.5-4m which leads to one about 6m with a very extreme camber which brings the driveable part down to about 3m then onto another very narrow road that goes uphill under trees and opens a bit to go downhill to a sharp left turn onto a road about 5m wide etc. There are a lot of ditches and banks at the sides of the roads which give a quite claustrophobic feel when you drive round it. There are parts where you can hit maximum speed in the car but because of bumps, ditches, cambers and some sharp bends over crests, I think it will be quite challenging. I think the fastet time I saw for the stage in the game was about 8 minutes and I would expect my version to take about 10 minutes for a good driver :)
  4. :) Looks great on the picture - waiting impatiently to drive there! I was thinking about making some tracks from RC2000, but my computer is probably to modern to run the game again... I would like to test your track as soon as it's ready to drive. Congratulations!
  5. Are you using the 3dsmax models of the original RC2000 track?
  6. I run it on a computer running widows vista 32 in compatability mode and it works fine
  7. No. I was originally going to copy the version in the game but then I visited the place and realised that though they used the line from the map they didn't model it on the real terrain so I decided to base it on the track as it is now.
  8. I have XP SP3 and the game runs on my computer, but I have strange problem with the sound - like I could say "3 fps" for sound. But this is laptop, so maybe that's the problem with built-in sound card. Have pleasant work with the track! :)