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Windows, DirectInput, Immersion and FFB experts, please enter...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by isamu, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone.

    Most of us are fans of Force Feedback steering wheels and I'm sure quite a bit of you own some sort of Logitech or Fanatec wheel for use on your PC. For those of you running a Windows OS, I have a couple questions regarding Direct Input and Force Feedback:

    Many of us use Immersion Touchsense Control Panel to calibrate our steering wheels and adjust the gain of our FFB strength as well as damper and virtual spring level. I would like to know if anyone knows of a way to modify the values of the four categories for the gain settings(Overall device gain, spring gain, damper gain, and default spring gain) beyond the maximum restriction of the menu slider bar? Is there perhaps say, an ini file or registry file somewhere that will override the values set in the control panel menu? For those who are wondering what I'm referring to, here is a pic:


    Now, you may be wondering why I want this. Well let me be clear that this is not needed when using my steering wheel to play FFB games, as those games have their own ffb settings and work perfectly for my wheel. However, there are a few games that do not support force feedback at all, which I still enjoy playing. Particularly those games that run in emulation, such as F-ZeroGX and RRT4. So my problem is, using the virtual spring setting in these non-ffb games to give my wheel some sort of resistance when turning it left or right is not quite satisfying. The wheel still feels too loose. The level of strength for this particular virtual spring effect is very light even at 100%. My wheel is an ECCI 7000FFB and has 900 degrees of steering. Given that wheel's 900 degrees cannot be adjusted, the virtual spring effect is so light that it feels like it's almost not even there. So my goal, is to modify the value of this spring effect or to amplify it, so that it delivers a virtual spring to the wheels motor so that I can feel a stronger sense of wheel resistance while turning left or right in these non-ffb enabled games.

    *If* there is no way to accomplish this through some editing of a file, then allow me to move on to my next question:

    Does anyone know of some sort of force feedback editor that can deliver FFB effects to my device in realtime, and keep them "running" for an infinite time, or at least until I manually stop it?

    I have tried a program called fedit. Fedit works really well and actually manages to deliver the stronger virtual spring effect that I'm looking for....with the exception of one major caveat: fedit stops sending ffb signals to your device once you either click on another window, minimize it, or launch another application. I was sorely disappointed when I discovered this, as this would have been the perfect little program to give me what I'm after. If someone out there knows of a way to keep fedit's FFB effects running on my FFB wheel even after minimizing or running another application, please let me know. It would help tremendously.

    Likewise, if there is another way I can accomplish this odd task of turning up the strength of the virtual spring effect to my FFB wheel, then please provide a suggestion. This wheel is amazing with FFB enabled games, but with non-ffb games, without the resistance I'm looking for, it is simply to "loose" and is not very fun to use.

    Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any help :)
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