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Tracks Willow Springs Horse Thief Mile 0.9

Good for drifting.

  1. T1mok submitted a new resource:

    Willow Springs Horse Thief Mile - Good for drifting.

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  2. Thanks a lot! :) Will test when i get back home.

    Just wanted to ask, does it have/will it have a physical layer on the track for better FFB feel (like original AC tracks)? And is it possible to make the textures that is close to the tarmac of a bit higher resolution?
  3. What did you change in v0.9 version?
  4. Lily in yellow swimsuit:
    I changed track description, so now its visible in AC Manager. Also surface is better.
    Alex with red ferrari:
    Please describe, what you mean, something like rough surface?
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  5. Isn't this a Need for Speed rip?
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  6. Hello, version 0.8 and 0.9 has no assets from Need for Speed, sand color is very similar.
  7. The track mesh and land mesh are 90% the same as from the shift version. Removing some random objects does not fool me.
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  8. ok, i have checked the nfs version and yes, the land and road are from there. I used friends track for a base and it looks, he used it from NFS. I asked administrator to delete the track, because in racedepartment terms it clearly say, that it cant be posted here. Thank you for telling me that.