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Williams Driver Suit 2012

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Slave, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. good job on all suits thank you
  2. your welcome ;)
  3. great job, these suits are great! keep them coming
  4. please post next suits soon
    thank you
  5. Dude, don't force him, in less that 1 day he already posted 3 suits, isn't that enough?...
  6. Same opinion-good work needs time...
    Looking forward for the Virgin suit ;)

    But anyway, thx for this! Nice!
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  7. I'm making ... :)
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  8. you did a good job ! thx for all your work !!! looks good !!!;)
  9. Im sure everyone prefers to wait a bit more and to get higher quality than lower quality by less time. I would suggest you change your name or people will think you are their slave :D
  10. Finally someone is making suits! They always seemed to be overshadowed by helmets, liveries, etc. Keep up the good work!

    Btw, are your suits in a higher resolution than the standard ones?
  11. I'm using 1024 and 512 resolution suit,but maybe i will make in 2048 resolution. A matter of time :) ;)
  12. Well, he is a Slave, no problem hahaha...:D
    It was a joke, ofcourse... Nice work, Slave, keep it up...;)
  13. Today evening i will finish Marussia suit ( i hope) and after i will make these 4 team ( Sauber, Williams, Lotus, Marussia) in high resolution (2048)
    This is my plan ;)
    Silver Benz: it was a great joke with my user name :D:D you're right: I'm a SLAVE :cool:
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  14. That's awesome. Thanks for all the work.

    Btw, I was looking through the PSSG file and I noticed you changed Ruben's face. The new face is Bruno, correct?
  15. Thank you very much!
    How would you do to the Red Bull?;)
  16. zGSP
    I don't know,the face is not my job. The guy who made it,he sure tested. I think...
    I did not deal with this. :)
  17. mydriaz


    Thank you for your new release. Nice job !
  18. Thanks for the nice driver suit, Slave. Really nice work.
  19. Thanks mate ;) your welcome