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Will there be a helmet editor?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by ForzaFerrari#1, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Is anyone really reading our suggestions/questions from codies? I'd really like to know if there will be a helmet editor! How many helmets will there be? How many country ones, how many custom ones! If we can't create our own helmet, can we at least change the colors of certain designs? I am not interested in speculations but in facts from the people making the game, please!
  2. From what I've heard from the devs: no helmet editor in F1 2011. We do get a few new custom ones and (don't pin me on this) a few more country specific helmets.
  3. I'd like to see a helmet editior and or a car editior. I know its not a nascar game and F1 don't change paint schemes in the middle of the season but I wish you could make you're own paint scheme. I understand why they don't but come on it's a video game, give me some custom options that would give a "unique" racing experinced. If they did allow custom paint schemes atleast have that option for online racing, and hopefully they will having something for online league support. What I mean is have something where you can customize the race weekend for you're leagues and have different qualifying options where if you wanted to have reverese field quailifying were people with the lower points start in front and have a little handicap for the newer racers racing in leagues. Cant wait couple more weeks and F1 2011 WILL BE HERE, I'll prob be one of the only AMERICANS TO BUY IT HEHEHE.
  4. they said no. t4rg4 said there is no countries either as people just asked for more all 'original' designs only in f1 2011
  5. Im pretty sure I read that there will be no more "country" design helmets, but a stack more custom made ones.
  6. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Are helmet designs and car designs really that important? All I care about is getting things in the gameplay right.. the eye candy is not vital for me.
  7. Allowing a helmet editor in the game is extremely easy and would not take any effort at all to put in the game. It's just a lavk of will at this point from the devs. As a result I guess we'll keep seeing lots of mods again this year to counter that but they won't be available for us PS3 gamers unfortunately.
  8. They can't really have customisable Liverys for cars because of licensing
  9. You can't really say a lack of will. Considering they've had to sort out AI issues, pit issues, ACTUAL dynamic weather and...oh yes the Safety Car that you probably have been crying to them to put in.

    Plus, not having a helmet editor ruins the game? Also if CM put a helmet editor in the game that took no effort at all would probably be: you can change the colour of the helmet, and that would be it. Would you really want that in the game? Besides the country designs are gone and more original designs are supposedly in.
  10. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Demanding a helmet editor in the game is a bit poser-ish.
    Who cares what helmet you have.
    It doesn't make the car any faster or you a better driver.