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Will it be okay for a Logitech G27 to clamp to this desk?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by robin97, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Hello,

    Will a Logitech G27 be able to clamp to this round part of the desk and would the wheel be too close to my monitor? I am new to playing racing games on PC and used to just play on a console with a controller, so any help/input would be great.


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  2. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium Member

    The clamps are pretty short, so it could be a struggle. For simracing it is actually quite good to have the monitor close so you can run a higher FOV.
    I think a G27 has the sams clamps as a G25. I could check the width of the wheel and the depth of the clamps so you could check, if it fits.
  3. eSEA One

    eSEA One
    eSEA One

    Robin the G27 will be able to lock onto that thickness and as the clamps are on the very edge of the unit the curve should not be an issue.
    You might consider what I do! I lock the keyboard draw so that is is far enough out to take the G27 (I use a wing head bolt to lock the draw) then I move the screen close to the edge of the desk. This way the wheel is not blocking the screen if it was up on the deck . Here is my setup[​IMG]
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  4. Great, that is a good idea Edwin, thanks for the input.