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Wierd graphics on windows 7 laptop

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by eightball200, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Running racer version 0.8.31 on windows 7 laptop in compatibility mode for win xp sp3.
    When I start a quick race/free drive I see what you should be seeing in the screencap.
    Obviously I want to know how to fix this.
    Also the game plays in a window with the wrong resolution so I tried to change to my res and put it in full screen, but when it restarts it opens racer.exe (I'm using racer_nocg because racer.exe doesn't work) so I close it and open racer_nocg to find that my changes didn't take.

    Any help with one or both of these problems will be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have no idea.

    Here is a bird.

  3. Did you change the resolution by editing racer.ini by using notepad? The bad grphics may be due to a poor graphics card.

    Perhaps somebody else can help better than I.

    Welcome to the Racer community!
  4. Indeed, if you have a laptop with integrated graphics card, don't expect Racer to run great.

    I think it is about time Ruud implemented a system requirements check in Racer, so that Racer wouldn't run if the system is too low and and would display a sensible message about the requirements.
  5. nice, and I am in congruence...:)
  6. OK. Well it's looking like I'm not going to be playing this game.
    When trying to edit the racer.ini file i realized that my graphics settings weren't being saved because my account didn't have permission to change that file. After giving myself all permissions I changed the settings and it stuck.

    After changing all of the graphics settings to minimum the amount of un-rendered textures (all the black) was drastically reduced, but not gone completely. Also this puts the HUD and other aspects of the game that work fine on HQ in such low resolution that it becomes just too much of an eyesore to play.
    This is especially disappointing because (0.5) the last "stable" release works just fine, but can't be fine tuned. (which is why I want to run the beta)

    So unless there's a special way to target certain textures specifically, (road, reflections, wheels, tail lights should take care of it) while leaving others in HQ, it looks like I'm out until I build a new PC...
  7. Have you tried setting textures up like this?
      ; Big hack for faster loads during testing
      ; Quality; 1=max, 2=halfsize, 4=1/4th etc. Must be power of 2.
      ; Support texture compression? (default is 1 (on) unless shaders specifiy compression=0)
      ; Maximum texture size; useful to cut down on really big texturemaps
      ; or supporting ancient gfxcards that can only deal with 256x256
      ; texturemaps.
    Or as mentioned in the comment, 256 x 256 even? It shouldn't degrade the HUD quality as much. As it looks like you're using quality=4 or something.
  8. Ok. After playing around with some of the suggested settings I finally satd "screw it, let's see what happens" and set quality to 16.
    Somewhat disappointingly, that did the trick, which is weird because this computer kicks out much better looking graphics than that from any other game. :/
    So now I guess I'll try some of those other cars/tracks to see if their textures give me less trouble, If not I'll try the other nocg release.
    Wish me luck!

    edit: Just downloaded 2nd creek track from that link and it works great on quality=1. Now I just need to track down some cars that work. Any suggestions?
  9. Installed v0.665 to C:\, works great. Unfortunately, now that I'm not worried about the graphics anymore, it has come to my attention that I suck SO BAD at this game that I can't make it around the track without going into the grass at least 3-4 times. Looks like it's back to aecade racers for me! :p
  10. You shudda seen me the first time I tried driving a car in Racer!

    Just stick with it, some day you'll get a really good computer and really enjoy Racer.