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why when I play online f1 2011 pc decrease the fps?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Lorenzo Gabbiani, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. hello guys ... I have a question ... When I connect to play online f12011 pc my fps go from 40 to 20 to 10!!
  2. You run fraps or anything like that when playing online? Are you connecting to a server which is far away from
    the place you are?
  3. no do not run fraps when I play, I do not know if the server is far awaybut it happened to me when I played with a Japanese ... (I live in Italy)
  4. I guess it is something with network latency
  5. My FPS hits 60 when on loading screens and in the garage but on track it drops between 28 and 38 depending on the situation and even with all grphics settings set to minimum the FPS remains the same. It doesn't effect my gameplay in any kind of way though.
  6. Yeah with Codemasters it tends to be a common thing that online games will have lower FPS. That could be the ego engine or the way they do their network coding, no idea; but it is something i have noticed in DiRT2/3 and F1 2010/11. Lag/ping also doesn't help the issue either, so probably a combination of things.

    Basically just lower your graphics or upgrade your hardware, not much more you can say :rolleyes:
  7. Lowering graphics doesn't help for me. I lose up to 30 FPS in online on low graphics compared to over 60 FPS in single on high :D The netcode is a distaster :D Of course this might be GFWL problem but we'll have to se 2012 to be sure.
  8. I have the same thing. FPS is between 40 and 45 in singleplayer and around 25 in multiplayer if I turn the graphics up to (near) full. If I set them to low-mid, it goes up only slightly, 45-50 in SP and around 30 in MP (which is playable). However, the fact that decreasing the graphics by a lot yields only a tiny FPS increase, proves that at least the graphics card is not really the limiting factor (it's usually the most important one in most games).

    Conclusion: Most likely just bad coding from Code"masters".
  9. Yeah it seems odd how codemasters can't seem to get their net code right. All we can do is hope it's just because of G4WL and the upcoming games will help like Victor said.......Guess we will find out once DiRT Showdown and F1 2012 hit :)
  10. Rob Gray

    Rob Gray
    kikz Premium

    I have found any ingame comms really kills FPS. Especially if there is one person with a slow 'net connection. Since I moved to vent for comms I don't really have a problem. I run vsync so I get 60FPS normally. Multiplayer sits on about 55 and down as low as a 50. In the days when we used GFWL sometimes FPS (as indicated by dxtory) would drop as low as 5! causing everyone to crash.
  11. So your saying its a GFWL problem and not the way CM have done the net coding?
  12. Rob Gray

    Rob Gray
    kikz Premium

    I wouldn't go as far as to remove blame entirely from CM :) Certainly I've found the game still has it's moments of completely nutiness with 'warping' and 'ghosting' cars once high latency comes into play. But yes, getting away from GFWL for voice comms helped significantly.
  13. Lets hope the move for F1 2012 will be a much better one then, and ofcourse the ability to backup your files (which funny enough i forgot to do loosing all my setups):(