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Why is F1 so popular?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by BoogerMac, May 1, 2016.

  1. BoogerMac


    This is an honest question, from an American looking in. I only started watching F1 seriously again a few years ago and I'm reminded every day why I stopped loving it. There is no parody, the leadership is terrible (true with most racing orgs though), and the tracks rarely change (not a big deal). Why is it so freakin' popular? Why isn't GP2 or DTM more popular?

    The fact that the same cars dominate every race (give or take a few anomalies) makes it no fun to watch unless there is a good battle in the mid-field. My 7-year old son started watching it with me last year and doesn't enjoy watching it with me any more since in his words before every race..."One of the grey/blue cars are all red cars with the yellow horse will win. So I'll just watch the highlights with you later". Talk about a buzz kill...
  2. For some of us (I'm American) races don't have to have a lot of overtakes to be interesting. I like F1 because those cars are so incredibly fast and can do things that should be impossible to do. I enjoy the technology and the fact that the teams can develop the cars and sometimes something surprising happens, and when it does it is really special. I think if the FIA and FOM would stop messing with the formula so much year over year that eventually the parity that you seek would happen (see the 2012 season). While some of the recent things they have done have soured me a bit (I don't like the sound of the current engines at all) I still enjoy watching the races and the qualifying sessions.
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  3. DrDetroit


    I now watch to see Haas and how they do. Being an American, it's nice to finally see an American team - and they are doing very well to boot.

    However, as above, I really get into the cars, technology, switchology etc, and the way the pilots make the cars flow (no - scream) around the track - seemingly effortlessly. The drama can be just as interesting as well.

    Could be alot better, but could be alot worse IMHO. But yea, the same 2 or 3 guys on top everytime. They are that good I suppose, which makes it interesting as well.

    Good day,
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  4. Wow, three Americans all talking about F1 at the same time. I'm amazed! :roflmao:

    Seriously though, F1 does have an identity crisis atm and has had for quite some time and it looks like it's only going to get worse next year. Greater downforce will NOT create better racing, neither will slapping on wider tyres. The leadership don't seem to know what to do to fix the problems. REDUCE downforce, ban DRS, make tyres that WORK and don't just wear out after a handful of laps etc etc. I could talk about this for hours.
  5. I'm American and love it. I only started watching last year at the beginning of the 2015 season but I loved it so much I went to the USGP at COTA. I even purchased videos of the complete F1 seasons all the way back to 2002. I went into withdrawals between the 2015 and 2016 season and this season has been great so far.
  6. IMO, F1 is a lot less popular than it used to be. Last I cared about Formula 1 so much, was back in 2007/8, when Lewis Hamilton looked so certain to be the first Brit since Damon Hill to become World Champ. Before that, it was 2001-4 when Schumy was the ultimate young boys hero (except for footballers). No-one ever really talked about F1 to me between 2009-2015, because no-one cared, except when Schumy came back.
  7. Andrew

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    Because of THIS--->

    I so want that....;) ;) ;)
  8. MoerasGrizzly


    They let a lucky winner do that every race in the indycar series.
    Hell, IndyCar in general is quite interesting, in that it's like F1 except less manufacturer focused and with a higher variety of tracks.
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  9. Tim.E


    I think many people stopped watching after the sport became more of a technical thing. I remember Lauda once saying that even a monkey could drive these cars. While that statement is a bit lunatic I still approve the fact that modern era cars have become a lot easier to drive. Look back at Mexico from the 90's and you'll see Mansell driting through that final corner which now seems impossible anymore. I think the fact the risky driving was also a thing that kept people watching it as it provided for some spectacular racing.

    And I miss the sound of course.:roflmao:
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  10. xnorb


    I don't know if it's the evolution of F1 or my personal one, but once Schumacher started winning every race and every championship i completely lost interest.

    Try to get full race recordings of the Senna era and compare those races to what we have now.
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  11. BoogerMac


    The past few races have been a little better, but nothing great. The one thing I do love about F1, is the technical aspect. I hate the cookie cutter racing we have all over the US (Indy Car, NASCAR, etc.).

    I think my favorite series at the moment is probably DTM or the Australian SuperV8s. Pretty good disparity, close racing, etc. make it fun to watch.
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