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why do i need more pitstops in my 2nd season

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by bouncer1980, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. I started my first season at williams, then went to sauber after hungary. Beat Grosjean in the last 6 races and got offer for lotus.....

    First race in melbourne 25% race distance... everybody goes into the pits after 3/4 lapr whereas in my first season I completed each race with one pitstop about half way race distance (so after 7 laps or so), so did the other cars

    Why is this? I need 2 or 3 stops in this way
  2. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    interesting.... it sounds like the tyre wear in your first season was scaled to 50% races, but you were driving 25% right?
    Now it sounds like your second season tyre wear is scaled properly.

    Australia is a 2-3 stop race.
  3. Using any mods? I think the "less tyre wear" mod stops working in the second season.
  4. nope don't use any mods. however I had red tyres (super soft ??) in melbourne and whites as option in malaisia (malaisia i manage with 1 stop.
  5. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    now i'm really confused.....
    Could it be that the tyres you used at the start in Australia were really well used then?
    Malaysia is a 2-3 stop race (at 100%)
  6. Ken Hughes

    Ken Hughes
    Technically, alcohol IS a solution. Premium

    Because you're getting older dude. :whistling:
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