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Why do I feel like I am cheating using bumper cam...

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Lenard Schaeffler, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. So I know this isnt a full sim game, but its about as "sim" as I like. I try to make it as realistic as possible as i play, that being said, I cant seem to "feel" the car playing on either cockpit view, i feel like I cant see as well, that reactions are slower and the car doesnt respond to what I am telling it to do. With the bumper cam on the other hand, I run fast, balancing perfectly on the edge of performance. I feel like I am cheating though because in really driving a car, you arent laying down looking out a glass porthole in the front wing, does anyone else use bumper cam? are there any mods out there that give a similar view but give the same level of feel for the car, one of the cockpit views feels too far back,the other way too high, or should I not worry, keep using bumper cam and move on with my life

  2. M4Mkey's cam mod adds the actual nose in the shot... but no, I find the view too narrow. I prefer the cockpit, if nothing else just for the immersion factor.
  3. Theres plenty of cam mods out there if your playing on PC, I feel like the default cockpit view is too low, I only base that off what I imagine I could see from looking at where the drivers heads are. There default one puts the driver eye level with the top of the cockpit when in reality it looks like they are a few inches above it.
  4. Nothing to worry about mate, if bumper cam is your favourite then stick with it. Everybody has their own preference and nobody can tell you that it is wrong.
    It's all about what gives you the best experince of the game :)
  5. I'm pretty sure the default cockpit view is a couple of inches above the real drivers' viewpoint; I think where you're looking from in-game is more in line with the top of the helmet. I'm sure it varies with driver height IRL but the helmet can only be so far above the cockpit rim for safety reasons - you ever see the small triangle sticking up out of the nose in front of the driver? That's to measure the line from the top of the roll hoop to the nose to make sure the helmet is under it in case the car flips Webber-style.
  6. Awesome!!
  7. cockpit view is pretty useless if you have the driving line on, try turning the line off and using markers at the side of the track to brake with and maybe this will help you out. When i changed to cockpit view it seemed for me that the car would turn in easier and i could aim for the apexes a lot easier, it did take cpl of days to get used to but i couldnt go back to t-cam now, it just feels too weird.
  8. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I agree Graham,

    I initially went with the t-cam but very quickly went into the cockpit purey for the imersion factor. I absolutely could not go back to any other view now. My only gripe with it is that you do not get the fuel warning light in the cockpit which was a pretty stupid ommision on CM's part. You get it in all the other views but the most realistic view there is has it missing, hope that's been fixed for 2011.
  9. I use the cam which is furthest away from the car. The one which shows the full car view. I prefer that one as i can have wide view of where i am going and whose trying to creep up from the side.
  10. i wouldnt say that using bumper cam was cheating but my opinion of it is that any cam outside of cockpit is a driving aid just like driving line and traction control and think it should be considered so in the game options
  11. I may have to see if there are any mods that would help me inside the cockpit, because if nothing else I like to be able to see the wheels and parts of the car. I can assure you bumper cam is definitely not narrow at a resolution of 5760x1080.

    thanks, nice to see everyone's viewpoint