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Why did you guys stop doing highlight videos?

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ben Eastman, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. I noticed that the highlights ended near the end of 2013...personally I'm just wondering why!

    Every person who I've told about FSR, I've shown them one of those highlight videos, and they all think it's highly entertaining. These same people would most certainly not sit down and watch a 2hr broadcast...
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  2. could be down to a number of things:

    1. they are a little bit more concentrated in life or just racing in FSR.

    2. might not have the necessary resources (i certainly havent atm with rf2)


    3. the media recruitment program at the beginning of this year might not have been popular on the highlights producing front.

    so....yea, sorry for this we hope to get back into it as soon as possible
  3. by the way if you want to help us out, we would appreciate it
  4. The answer is simple: there is no one to write the highlights script. And yes, we have recruited, both on this forum and asked a number of persons privately.
  5. Il help however I can, i do music production and editing so I have basic experience working in iMovie, Xsplit etc. I also don't mind combing through races for the best overtakes/crashes/big moments. Promise no overlaid music :p

    I do think having highlights for all divisions(although primarily focused on WC storyline) would be a great way to bring in more FSR viewers.
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  6. ben i wuould reccomend in doing just 1 division because doing highlights in all divisons in 1 season on your own would be suicide
  7. Oh yeah of course, I just meant as in ideally, 3 divisions of highlights is best. But if there's only me doing it, and I have to do a lot of practice for PRO, and I'm in the middle of packing my house up to move back to Canada.....my proseat and tx500 just went in a box today and i wont see them for 3 months, going to have to subside with my old g27 and the crappy stand i have for it :(
  8. The whole combined production of just one highlights video is probably over 10 hours, from writing script, recording clips, voiceover, overlays to rendering. I'll see what I can do with the script part once the vacations start, but can't promise anything.
  9. That's fine, I'm unemployed till I move back so I have a lot of time...tbh might help to build my portfolio lol
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  10. Here is a small overtake compilation for those in need:
  11. just for you chris