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Who is still using a G25 these days?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Klaas de Haan, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Klaas de Haan

    Klaas de Haan

    Hey guys,

    We all know the G25, a wheel that is already almost 10 years old, it was a bit of a revolution when it came out, it had specs that where new to a wheel of that price (900 degrees, clutch pedal, H-shifter, 2 motor ffb) I think there where times that more then half of the sim racer used G25's.

    Then the better fanatec wheels came in to play, they where better, but also more expensive, so I stayed with the G25. There was also a G27 at some point, which was a bit of a dissapointment for me, it was hardly better than the G25, at a much higher price, so again I stayed with the G25.

    Now we have the new generation of wheels everybody knows, the new G29/G290 is still nothing more than a upgraded G25 at twice the price. It seems that there is a tendency in sim racing community towards the new thurstmaster wheels. They seems to better than the logitech stuff, but that price :( they are more 2.5 the price my G25 was back in the day.

    Im running my G25 for over 7 years and it wont break down, had some minor issues that I fixed, like cleaning the pots, and I had to keep the upper ring of the shifter in place with a tie-wrap, but no serious problems.

    And I am still happy with my G25 every time I race with it and I wont part with it until it breaks down, and when it does break down I probably just get another one second hand. There seem to be more people who like the G25 as used onces still go over €100, while I paid €180 for mine 7! years ago brand new, thats like no devaluation compared to other computer hardware:)

    So how many people around here still use and lover (or hate) their G25?
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  2. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    I got mine as a Christmas present the year it was released so that's about 9 years and since it still works fine and I'm a seriously mean person I still use it. Never had a moments problem with it. Assuming it pops its clogs before I do, I'll probably get a Thrustmaster TX300 next.
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  3. SOLO59


    I'm still using at least my g27 shifter. No way I'm gonna fork over $200 just to shift gears on what is no doubt an elegant looking piece of hardware, but I'll lose all 8 of my buttons among with the extra d pad. I like to think of my g27 shift as a shiftet/button box combined.

    You should consider an upgrade to Thrustmaster... Keep your g25/27 shifter and pedals. Just upgrade wheel base. With Thrustmaster you'll notice ffb in the center (no deadzone), more accurate inputs and simply an overall better feeling than the Logitech wheels. But the strong lasting durability, reliability and strong ffb with my g27 is very good and will still be my back up wheel... I'm using a TX
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  4. Phil Davies

    Phil Davies

    I also got my G25 when they first came out,It cost me £129 new from overclockers.It still feels really good even after a couple thousand hours of use,I love it :inlove::inlove::inlove:,It's smooth,doesn't rattle.A great wheel that has served me well.I've modded the pedals with the GT Eye spring and it has been converted to take a 350mm displaced wheel and has Zalem extended paddles.I'll be really sad when it eventually dies :cry:.
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  5. bushwacker


    Only just ditched the wheel this Xmas as I bought my self a t500 wheel any gear shifter. Still using the pedals with a bodnar cable, cleaned the pots for the first time in 9 years.

    Going the osw route next but saving up is hard!
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  6. Emery


    Though 7 years old and still going strong, rF2 convinced me that my G25 from 2008 was past its prime and an upgrade was in order. Saved my pennies and received my Fanatec CSWv2 with BMW rim in Oct 2015. Still using modded pedals/shifter from G25 via Bodnar cables.

    A more budget upgrade is the Thrustmaster T300.

    "Gear drive is dead. Long live belt drive or direct drive!"
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  7. Antonio Crinò

    Antonio Crinò

    G25 here, my second one. Using this wheel with satisfaction from 2006-2007. If Logitech improves the drivers of the g29 and prices will drop a bit, I will move to it, otherwise I will stick with my g25 (with fixed rotary encoder lol) until I will have the money to buy the bodnar wheel FTW!
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  8. Roland


    I'm a happy G25 user too. Bought it second hand in 2011, and it's done a great job ever since.
    All I changed was a DIY Nixim-like brake pedal mod and a chilicoke-DIY handbrake mod..

    Only a few months ago the electronics in my shifter died, so I replaced it with a TH8A.
    I'm still to figure out how to wire my DIY handbrake into that, and also I'm left with only 2 buttons now, so I've had to map keyboard keys for most of the controls, which is not ideal.. maybe I need to mod some more :D.

    Even so, until this one goes up in smoke I see no reason to buy any other wheel.
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  9. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    Still using a g25 and I am quite pleased with it. I have eyed some second hand fanatec setups or considering a thrustmaster upgrade sometime in the next couple years. For now though I am enjoying the g25.
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  10. JoelonGC


    Great thread and so pertinent to me right now.

    I just discovered this site while researching on Google as I have just upgraded my G25 after around 8 years of use.

    Even today I still rate the G25 so highly. Even though I don't have anything yet to compare it to (as I type this my Obutto R3volution is being put back together with my new Fanatec CS V2) I still love the feel of the G25 but more than that, it has never missed a beat and reliability with an item that gets used so heavily nurtures a huge amount of nostalgic value. I have modded the pedals (high density foam on the brake pedal and a few other things, if you haven't done it yet, do it now!) and shifter over time and they still work perfectly even though I know I have abused the wheel with FFB settings that are way to high until I finally learned about clipping limits.

    Even after 8 years of super session and abuse I am now going to use the G25 to create a setup for my best mate who is into karting so I can get him sim racing with me.

    Now I am a member here I will post my rig details soon and also impressions going from G25 to CS2 when I finally get everything finished. Because I was so happy with the G25 it was a big decision to spend the $'s and very nearly spent the extra to go Accuforce as I figure that is where the "real" difference will be. I am now eager to see if the difference is significant enough for the $'s spent. If it isn't, I will sell the CS2 and go the Accuforce. I have to wait for my pedals to arrive first though, waiting on Protosimtech PT1's which I am super excited about and are only a few days off.

    Nice to meet you all,

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  11. Piotrek Blaszczak

    Piotrek Blaszczak

    I'm very happy with G25.She is almost 10 years old , and I don't have any problems (only one i must clean the pots).10 years ago almost everybody only dreaming about this wheel , and in 2006/2007 is one or maybe only wheel with 900 degrees , three pedals , and full manual shifher.
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  12. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    Yup, mine still going stronger than ever. Upgraded the powersupply to 30 volts - 5 amps and some forced cooling. Pedals are not used anymore but have a set CST's.
    Still does a pretty good job for it's age.
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  13. Andrew

    I'm not lazy, I'm just very relaxed. Staff Premium

    Well, i have sold my G 25 eight years ago. Now I am searching for a used one again......;)
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2016
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  14. Alexj


    I have been through 2 g25's, first one was quite funny, played and it started to smoke and dead, got another one which I tortured but kept alive for quite a while then I put it away and when I tried to re-fire it up it was pretty dead. Got myself a t500 instead which I had for about 2 weeks before I got too angry with it and decided "**** it I'm building an osw now" and thats where I am right now. But still, How good or bad it is, it will always be the first proper simracing experiece for me and there where quite a few hours spent on it, jeez I racked up 50594 km on LFS online alone with my g25's. Memories memories..
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  15. Kevin Knorpp

    Kevin Knorpp

    G27 here for 5 years I guess by now. Love it and use it with all sims. Had DFGT before which I liked also but wanted h-shifter and came across enough cash for new G27 which also had better pedals so worked out perfectly for me. My philosophy with sim racing is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Also, I love Logitech support. Most times the fastest guy in my league races is using G27 or G25 so the idea that you can buy speed is silly and only furthers the scam industry and Inside Sim Racing b.s. so they can continue getting paid for pretending to be honest. So sad to see new sim racers manipulated into spending all there money on needless stuff. Regarding new Logitech wheels ; what a joke. Can't imagine why anyone would buy them for twice the money for nothing extra. Hope they fail miserably and Logitech get back on track because the crap new wheels dramatically hurt their standing in the community IMO. It's like they went from Reiza to ISI overnight :whistling:
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  16. larsbengtsson25


    i have had my g 25 for over 10 years, started to malfunction last fall, it was thah little plastic wheel where the led light go trough sorry dont remember the name of it,any way glued 3 crack on the wheel.
    reasembled the g 25 . work like a clock now. but im thinking of a new wheel thrm 500 or a tx or 300.
  17. Kjell Nielsen

    Kjell Nielsen

    I have and use my G25 since 2007 i have no problem with it use it almost every day it was my best wheel i have bought
    It was from telia 699 swedish kr after have shown racing from race o7 on television 2007 “Virtual Grand Prix” sim racing competition broadcast on Swedish television.
    Sad that G27 not on sale anymore and the new G29 is the one now and it cost too much almost 4000 swedish kr

  18. Trimaz


    I know it's not the G25, but I picked up my G27 on release back in 2010 and it's still going strong. I would like to replace it with something along the lines of the T300 or T500, however, since it still works like a dream and is regularly maintained and taken care of I see no need.
  19. Dan Costa

    Dan Costa
    Fear the Crazy Dan

    yes since 2007 and hundreds of thousands of km.

    It outlasted my shoulders, eh
  20. gongo


    I'm loving my G25, though I do notice that the effect strength weakens a bit on longer sessions. I'll be adding a fan to it in the next couple months. With the right 'minimum force' setting there's hardly any perceptible deadzone. It works like a charm!