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whiuch modr are really good?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Eric Nelson, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. Jus getting into GTR EVO and already see mod choices etc.

    Trying to get into the race leagues here but getting in the required # of posts is tough considering the limited access to me curently.

    Anyway, whats a good mod pack to start with. Soemthing you guys in GTR EVO in race dept events are using alot?

    Thaks for helping a GTR noob.
  2. We usually race default cars on default/add-on tracks! Races using mods are very rare in GTR Evo club.
    However there're some mods that are really good, I had once a race using the Escort challenge mod and that was cool. Just search this part of the forum and you'll find some:)
  3. The prototype mod doesn't qualify as 'good' though. Far from finished.

    www.nogripracing.com is the best place to find them. The mods by scca1981 are worth downloading, especially the Saleen Mustang SE Cup.
  4. I heard it's fun but has many flaws, and not really realistic! But maybe worth a try!:)
  5. i've yet to see any cars brought to gtre that feel like they truly belong there... we pretty much only ever run stock cars but do use a lot of add-on tracks :thumb: