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Which of these young drivers would you like to see in F1 in the coming years?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by FergalVET, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Mitch Evans

  2. Pierre Gasly

  3. Sergey Sirotkin

  4. Rio Haryanto

  5. Alex Lynn

  6. Dean Stoneman

  1. Which of these young drivers would you like to see in F1 in the coming years?
  2. Jimlaad43

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    Surely the vote should be A LOT bigger
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  3. the_sigman

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    I put mine (as I disagree deeply with the poll choices): Ellinas, Vandoorne, Ocon, Ghiotto, Rosenqvist, Leclerc, Wehrlein, Rowland.

    About Ellinas: Yes, he is almost my compatriot. But he has gone so well, everywhere. In 2013, in GP3, he was taken out two times from P1, in Spa Race 2 and Monza Race 1 and lost P2 (or P1 even).

    About Vandoorne: His single seater career is simply stunning.

    About Ocon: He beat Verstappen with ease in F3 to take the title and this year his consistency (even with reverse grid) was amazing.

    About Ghiotto: My surprise of 2015, nearly lost out on the GP3 title. Very fast and consistent, despite not being in a top team.

    About Rosenqvist: 27 podiums, 14 wins in 34 races this year.

    About Leclerc: P4 in his second year in single seaters in 17 years of age, not bad at all. Definitely really talented.

    About Wehrlein: He has had good teachers and was really good this season in DTM, handling the pressure really well. He can do really well in case he reaches F1.

    About Rowland: A really good season in FR3.5 this year, let's hope he keeps it up.
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  4. none of the poll really. I agree more with Manolis as my list would be this:


    In that order. Rosenqvist is to old and has been racing F3 since 2010 so i dont think he's talented enough.
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