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Which car to test your (asphalt) track with?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Alex Kyriak, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. Was curious.... do you have a favourite car with which to test your track? Do you design your track with a specific series in mind? A specific type of car? Speed? Age?

    Obviously it depends on the track type to some extent, so I was wondering more about asphalt tracks.

    I find different cars are easier or harder to drive - and I suspect it's down to the modelling of the car - and consequently find it hard to properly judge the difficulty of my track if I think the car modelling may be suspect. It affects how I build my track!

    I like driving the Zonda, but feel the IE Ferrari 430 is more difficult and 'realistic' to drive. The BMW M3 CSL is also one I use a fair amount.
  2. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    Premium Member

    I use the Renault Megane to test my tracks.
  3. I prefer to use a little Lotus Elan.
  4. I do my tracks with the 70s TC series from Argentina in mind. (something like a "gaucho┬┤s Nascar" ) .
    You can see what I mean at http://www.catrasca.com.ar

    My tests cars are Muscles or whole TC converted mod.
  5. I generally use the Meganes as well because it's one of the most popular mods, so chances are that if I ever release my tracks, a lot of people will be driving on them with the Meganes.
    However, it all depends on the type of track. If it's a small club-type track (like Knockhill, for instance) you might want to use smaller cars like the Caterhams or the Clios, whereas if you're making a huge complex (like Sepang or Shangai) you might want to use something more powerful which is more likely to be raced there.
  6. I'm keen on finding a balance to the circuit to provide a challenge to different cars with different performances. Am keen on something to challenge maybe club level cars, rising up to maybe GT 2 class. I find it very interesting getting the balance right and tweaking the track to provide challenges across the classes.

    Am not catering for things like F1 however - the Sepang / Tilke type tracks are maybe too large scale - altohugh might try one in the future.

    Does anyone know how realistic the Megane is supposed to be? They grip amazingly well!!! It makes really light work of certain corners that other cars would find quite technically challenging.
  7. I play on RBR so it's focus WRC 06 or new Sub WRC.
  8. In rFactor, I initially test with the base Rhez so I have time to look around. Then, depending on what I'm building, I'll jump to a more appropriate car. Historix mod for historic tracks, NAGT for modern tracks. I'll test to see what it feels like in fwd, rwd, high power, low power, etc...
  9. Im building my first track using BTB EVO, and using GTR2 as the testbed - track seems to be coming along slowly and "so far" Ive tested with the Corvette, BMW M3, Porches and er a couple of others that i cant recall, my biggest fear is creating a track that you can get around in certain cars - so using the variety of cars helps eliminate that issue (well has so far anyway)

    But then i guess there are tracks in real life that some cars arent able to run on well...... eta for my track hmmmmm - Evo2 will probably get here first!