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Whats up with the Alfas?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Reject, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone

    I'm quite new to Race 07 and Race On, even though Im no stranger to simracing.

    I race the Alfa 159 alot, but I dont see many others driving the Alfa. I'm having a hard time telling the different car performances apart. For me personally, I'm just as fast/slow in the Alfa as in any other car.

    Is it a fluke that not many people are driving it, or is the Alfa per se not as fast?
  2. 156 you mean? :)
    Alot of people race it i believe. And its a very good car and one of the fastest. :)
    But its a old car wich was already in the first game of RACE. So probably the reason you dont see it alot is people drove it already alot of times so race more newer cars now. :)
  3. Err...oh, right, yes of course, I mean 156 :p Little number 6 got turned upside down, thats all...

    But that would explain it, thanks! I will continue racing it along side the more "exotic" Peugeot.
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Alfa is my second love after the BMW :) The 156 is one of the nicest touring cars ever build imo and they sounded great in real life

  5. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    I don't agree with Ivo here.
    For example the Honda's & the BMW's from the original Race 07 were also there from the beginning
    and most times every second driver has one of those cars.

    Most times you can hop in certain cars and be instantly half a second faster then before with less setuping ;(
    It atleast depends on which track you're driving, but most of the times the tendencies between the cars stay the same.

    Other than that, the Alfa is a fun car to drive, it's one of the cars I atleast prefer training with ;)
  6. In the end, Im a very bad reference when it comes to preferred cars, though. For instance, I drove the BRM quite a lot in GPL, even though it's handling was comparable to that of a bath tub on wheels.

    But in choosing the Alfa, I have to admit that a bit of passion is involved. I've always liked Alfas, ever since I was a kid. And sometimes, passion goes a long way. If you enjoy what you're driving, you'll me more motived in the long run as the laps go by.
  7. It really depends on the person driving the car! Many people like Hondas, but I don't. They scream and seem slow (even if they're not), I always had a "struggling" feel when I drove them. Alfas have a very good feeling overall and are between the fastest S2000 touring cars in the game! Chevys have an awesome power source and are very good on bumpy tracks, while Ladas have a very nice feel in fast corners, even though they're generally are a bit slower than the front runner cars. This trio is what I'm usually driving when it comes to touring cars, of course sometimes I experiment with others too!
  8. The Alfa was the first car I drove when I first got RACE 07. From then on, I've been driving it regularly in RD Touring Car events that allow it, and have won a few races with it. It's a powerful, nimble car that is particularly good on tight, twisty circuits.

    And... it's an Alfa. What more reason do I need to drive it? :D

    I :love: you, my dear 156. I will never forsake you...
  9. Whats with with the 156? Oh ho ho, my 07 Alfa 156 just gets faster and faster each race. Definitely the best looking car on the grid, and such an annoyance to pass. I started in the Leon when I got Race On, but found it a nightmare over curbs, I decided to try out something else. A lovely West late 90s Mclaren styled skin for the 07 Alfa, and I instantly fell in love with the thing. Its a great car, but you will ALWAYS see more people in the likes of the Hondas, Seats and BMWs. Their just more popular, and in the case of the Honda and Seat,I think their easier to setup, as the Alfa does slide a t more. But, it will kill any FWD car in a drag race. And, after getting my pedal settings right, I find that its jot some bloody good brakes, imo, better than the 407's.

    If you want a good example of what it can do in the Alfa, got pole in the ATCC Alfa at Watkins Glen GP.

    Heres my car, a beauty isn't it. 74274.jpg 74273.jpg 74275.jpg
  10. To further add to what has already been said, I too think that the Alfa 156 is the fastest FWD car (in the 06/07 class) in the right hands. I have noticed that on the home straight on Monza, the Alfa 156 seems to be the fastest in a straight line, which can be very frustrating at times!

    Seen several drivers do mid 1.58s in qualifying in the Alfa Romeo 156s at Monza, so they are pretty dam fast cars!

    Having said that, they are not for me. I prefer the trusty Leon or the Accord. :)
  11. H34d5h07

    No money, no team racing.

    I like the Alfa. I have never raced with it thou, but I often take out an Alfa on a spin in offline.
    Car I use when I race is the Honda Accord. Thats the car I can handle best.