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What Mod's are Causing Issues?

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Horus Thelemite, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. Hallo STC, is there any chance of a list of Mods that are known to cause issues with the STC 2010 Black/Blue Cup Mod? I have tried to search the site but ended up with no answers.

    Thanks for time and effort you guys put into this mod. Take care of you and yours.
  2. These are obvious:

    MOD ID´s
    Due to the SIMBIN lack of ID´s we have been forced to use the GT Legends mod ID´s, same ID´s the F1 mod and FIA GT 2008 are using.
  3. Thanks Krister I will give it another go as I had all of them :). Take care all and see you on track soon.

    I did not find it very obvious either. lol
  4. It's obvious because it has been told all the TS (who also got the download link):p
  5. sorry if I misunderstand, but using the F1 and STC mod will cause issues?
  6. It was posted somewhere that the Porsche cup makes a problem too.
  7. So it says!
  8. Well thanks for being so abrupt. It is so nice to meet someone with less time to explain than to be vile to people, which is also OBVIOUS!!

    I really don't like loosing my temper but you really need to learn how to communicate with people. I asked a very decent question, I asked kindly and then someone else also wanted to have clarification. So it was on TS well I am sorry to say not everyone had the chance, opportunity, or had been invited/told so that makes that an OBVIOUSLY useless answer. I do not have a sixth sense, also you would have expected anyone who makes a mod to at least put this type of information in a readme file or an OBVIOUS post on the STC website. Really I would have rather you had not answered the question, than answer in such a bolshy way.

    I will thank you for your time, but as you are quite aware you OBVIOUSLY insulted me and the other poster with this type of response. Good day.
  9. In order to find where is the cause of the minidump problem, i think it's better to not have other mod installed. Anyone with only the STC mod add minidumps?
  10. Thanks Grégory I also agree as SimBin have made it very difficult to mod without damaging other mods because of the lack of ID's available, very daft. I would remove all mods but it would make little difference as once they are installed it is ney impossible to remove all evidence of them (maybe I should have been clever and backed up Race07 when first installed). Such a shame it make it more difficult for the guys to create such great mods. I'm sure it will all fall in place by the first race with all the help from the teams that are competing.

    So I will say sorry my minidumps will not help, because of the mods I have installed, but I will still be on track with others (that hopefully don't have mods) so you can sort out the problems.

    Good luck guys.
  11. Horus, All I did was to remove the data under Teams. It is only the cars that cause the issue.

    Well, I have not had any issues after doing that but I may be wrong.
  12. I am using JoneSoft Mod Manager, before installing STC mod I have unistalled any other mods, deleted Teams & Sound dir contents.
    I use Motecadd DX.
    Only add-ons I have installed are: "no more bugs" SE_DIRTSPOT_00.DDS & SE_DIRTSPOT_01.DDS and "brighter headlight" HL_2_AI.DDS, HL_1_AI.DDS, HL_2_PLR.DDS, HL_2_PLR.DDS
    I have tested the first 15 cars of the list in offline mode, never had minidump.
    All for your info.
  13. I invite you to try in online with others players. In offline i haven't problem. This week end i have tried to play on the STC server, and i crashed, my team mate crashed, and one other guy that joined after crashed too..... If i remember well, the game crashed few seconds after a player joined, just when i go out to the garage.

  14. Hi Flavio, I would be very interested in this 'JoneSoft Mod Manager' I will look into it Thank you. I would advise going online to check cars as you will not find many issues in private practice as you will have no contact with other guys conflicting with your car. Today we have been running all day with the mod and tried most of the cars (the same as most leagues I am sure). We have had a few CDT (Minidumps) but they are getting less and less with people removing (like me) mods that have the same ID or conflict with others (I am no modders so I might be very, very, very wrong).

    Thanks again for the heads up on the Jonesoft program and good luck for you and your team in the next season.

    Take care of you and yours.
  15. Exactly the same happened to me, minidump coming out of the garage, then one other got a minidump after with which everone get them.

    Think this is very usefull info. Also i was on intermediates because the track was wet, maybe that was the same with you Grégory ?
  16. No, i was in soft and on dry conditions. It was during the training session.
  17. Don't want to be a pain in the ...but you really seem to be misundertanding things here? TS = Team Spokesman and not TeamSpeak. And invited or not, it's the Team spokesman responsibility to take care of such things but of course it should be free to ask such questions anyway :)
  18. Horus, what team are you driving for?
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