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What is your fastest laptime on Silverstone?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Bram, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    The next GP on the real calendar is Silverstone. The lap record is by Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) set in 2010:


    Whats your fastest time around this track?
  2. 1:32.054 with Force India Mercedes, career mode, qualifying, both sims on, options. Could drive faster through sector 3.
  3. Time trial: 1.26.4xx ( tag: thejoery )
  4. chi


    TT is a joke...130.234Career lotus year one abs off tc med. All sims on.
  5. 1.29.235 my all time PB on Silverstone, GP mode Mclaren, no assists, sims on
  6. If it is a joke ... go for it and try to beat it ;)
  7. This is like asking 'how long is a piece of string'. So many variables its untrue.
  8. Online mode,a few nights ago...all sims ON

    for now...

  9. till now 1:32:4xx on the primal tyres.
  10. Damn. I cant get anywhere near those times. I think I had a 1.35 once :(
  11. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Did my fastest time tonight in a League qualifying session. 1:32.856 in the Sauber, all sims on, all assists off, manual gears.
  12. Scrudy,I have three tips for you..
  13. 1.32.097 | Toro Rosso | TC MED | ABS ON | Tyres: Option | Weather: D | Tyre Sim: Off | Fuel Sim: Off
  14. 1:24.3 TPR Leweyskills ;)
  15. Done a 1:29.993 in the RD league race last night which got me Pole.
  16. Lol, I have been practising! I'm just not very good. After watching Steve's Stoops vid I just couldnt do it (especially Turn 1) in the Sauber in offline GP mode. Then I had an online race & the car behaved very differently, & I got T1 most times. Anyway I seem to recall someone said the Red Bull is closest to online performance, so I have done even more practise, this time in the Red Bull in offline GP mode.

    Anyway I am pleased to report I managed a 1.33 with primes on lap 20 of 26 lap race! :)
  17. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Impressive Dylan.. and that was with a pad I take it!!!
  18. Yeah, shame i havnt got my wheel :(. I have decided that i am not going to buy a new one until F1 2011. As i really want that F1 styled wheel whats coming out made by Fanatic. I know its going to be expensive so i better save up.