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What is wrong with inviting to people to race online???

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Spinelli, May 5, 2016.

  1. So i made a thread in the RF2 and AM forums here to sort of update when I'm going to play AM or RF2 since I play usually at later times when a lot of people aren't online. The thread was supposed to just serve as a thread where we can discuss times we want to play and stuff like that...

    I find out today that my thread gets deleted/closed by RD because I'm not allowed to "advertise" and "recruit"? Huh? This is a forum website about videogames, and I made a thread about 2 videogames that this site discusses (AM and RF2), can someone please explain to me what is so criminal about simply asking others if they want to play a videogame discussed on this website?

    Also, it was mentioned that I also posted this on some other websites...Yes, i posted the same on the Reiza and ISR forums. I'm just inviting gamers in different forums to play a videogame with me. Am I not allowed to ask others? What is so criminal about asking people on other websites?

    Can someone please explain why simply asking others to play a videogame is considered "criminal" at RD and why the words "advertising" and "recruiting" were used when I'm not advertising ANYTHING and not "recruiting" just inviting people to race a videogame...What is the problem???????
  2. P.S. I see there's a "Racing and Club Leagues" section on these forums...Although I'm not running a league and just inviting people online for some casual racing, why couldn't my post at-least be moved to that section instead of having it deleted/locked and then being accused of advertising and recruiting?

    Something seems really "fishy" about all of this...
  3. Unless the game has the official forum here, you cannot mention leagues that fall outside of RD-hosted events.
  4. Again, this is not a league.

    I'm simply just letting people know that me and some friends will be online tonight (or whatever day) and that's it. That's all I'm doing. This isn't a league, an organization, nothing. What's the problem with that?

    What is the point of not allowing players to tell other players that they will be playing tonight (or whatever day/time)? How is that wrong, or bad? This is a simracing videogame site, so where is the logic in not allowing simracing videogame players to ask others if they want to play?
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  5. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    It doesn't have to be a league.

    You are posting here clearly stating that you trying to form a group (probably on Steam) for regular online racing. That is recruiting. It's not a one-off race like "Anyone fancy a quick race tonight?". Your intention is to draw our members into your group.

    At RD we try to provide online racing for everyone. From the more formal league racing which requires commitment, to our more casual 'club' racing, which is more about having fun, but in a controlled environment. By 'controlled' I mean fair racing, where drivers are expected to show a bit of driving etiquette.

    The Staff here try their best to attract new drivers into online racing, to have fun together, and maybe learn a thing or two on the way. This is not helped by anyone trying to attract our members away from our facilities into another online group, website, or league.

    The TOS which you accepted when joining, is quite clear about recruiting amongst other things .....

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  6. Frankly it's a bit confusing this policy. I don't think Spinelli is doing much wrong unless he links to some external league website. Looking at similar announcements here such as this, how is it RD hosted? The member is not part of staff and you don't even need a premium membership to join. It should also then be disallowed based on same principles.
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  7. When I used to setup leagues I learned this way, as I didn't know. All GSC 2013/SCE leagues were posted on the one topic for the community sites, never anything for rF2. It's probably something linked to increase the Premium membership here and for participation
  8. I'm not "recruiting". You're manipulating everything. I'm just asking people if they want to play. Sometimes I play multiple times a week, sometimes I don't play for 2 or 3 whole weeks straight. All I'm doing is letting people know that I'll be playing that night since it's extremely difficult to find people to play at the times I play on. You're making it sound like I'm out to try and compete with RD's leagues and steal RD's players away which couldn't be further from the truth. There's no need for such defensiveness. I'm not trying to compete with, and neither am I a threat to, RD's leagues, player base, money, sponsors, etc. I'm just a guy looking to do some online racing the odd night here and there during lonely hours.
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  9. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    Why don't we start a "anyone fancy a quick race now" section generically covering racing games outwith RD club and league times.
    "I'm going to play AMS/pCars/GTR2 etc in 15 minutes anyone fancy some casual races or hotlaps you can find me at ???"
    Surely if we are acting as a sim racing hub then that could be a part of it,
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