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What do X Y and Z represent?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by PTRACER, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I'm new BTB and I'm doing the terrain manually rather than with a KML file.

    What does Y = 1 represent? 1 metre? 1ft? 10ft?
  2. 1 metre
  3. No offence, but if you don't know what x, y and z mean, you need to do a bit more research on 3d modelling.
  4. I thought the concept behind this forum was to assist anyone with what ever ability?

    I certainly dont have any modeling experience and therefore rely totally on the cooperation and patience of the more skilled individuals.

    Having a bad day - redundancy looming :(
  5. X= left to right
    y= front to back
    z= up and down.
    X Y & Z are axis's. Each axis is represented by the leatter X Y or Z.
  6. it´t not allways same. At other programs (modeling or CAD) often is Z = up/down, y=forward/back.

  7. Sorry, my bad. I really didn't mean to be rude. I'm a member of another community which has been invaded by nfs noobs due to the 'arcadisation' of what was once an awesome game. It's a conditioned reaction gained from an unbearable amount of stupid questions. I will remember to put that aside when I speak in here in future.
  8. I too will apologize, I've had 8 weeks of job uncertainty and I think your post was an easy release.

    No harm done

  9. Yes true. In BTB Y = up and down.
    But in cad or cnc machines z mostly = up and down.
  10. Maybe you never bothered reading my question and you simply wanted to have a dig at me.

    I know full well which direction X, Y and Z went in, all I wanted to know was the unit of measurement as I am manually inputting height data rather than exporting inaccurate height data from Google Earth.
  11. Off topic, but I'm curious, what does the PT stand for in your name?
Thread Status:
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