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What do I do wrong?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Minimalis91, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Minimalis91


    Hello Community,

    I've been playing F1 2010 lately and I started a career mode. I finished 2nd on the first race due to a wrong car setup. I finished 1st on the 2nd race. Now I am in Kuala Lumpur finished 1st on qualification with dry weather.

    Unfortunately the weather of the race stage is wet and I can't win this race. I start from 1st place with a Torro Rosso and all the mclarens,renaults and ferraris are way way faster than me in the straights. So I have to push it in the fast corners. And the advantage I get in these corners are lost in the straights. So if I make 1 single mistake they overtake me. I just can't make a perfect 56 lap race. I am not a robot. Seems like I just can't drive on a wet track.

    Any idea what should I do?
  2. Minimalis91


    I managed to stay first for like 16 laps until the track begin to dry, everyone went in for intermediate tyres and I stayed out for 3-4 more laps because I could still go fast(est) laps. After the 3-4 laps I begin to slow so I went in for a new set of tyres. I had a 1,5km advantage after I came out of the pit. I was able to get faster I did beat 2 seconds on the time I went with wet tyres, but I still was very slow compared to the other drivers.

    I use the quick setup before the race and I was setting it for WET (TS: Very Low; DF: Very High; Hndling: Very Stable).
    I believe this is y I am so slow comapred to others because this setup is bad for a dry track. Is there any way I can change car setup during a race? Or I have to use the setup set before race?
  3. Dimitrios Tsiakalos

    Dimitrios Tsiakalos

    ur error is setup . of course your rain setups will suck in the dry . sounds logic , try to start with dry setup and after it rained youll be even or at an advantage
  4. Mark Ryan

    Mark Ryan

    well honestly regardless of what position you come in finish the race!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know its nice to win every race as we all would love to do. I know its a game
    and you want to do well.

    If you finish 1st or last what matters is that you finish the race and do not quit,, you might ask why?
    well lets put it this way what happends on the next track if you finish last in the dry? or the next? or the next?
    is it the games fault? is it the cars fault? or is it the driver??????

    you cannot win every race,, getting that into your head will only do one thing and make you somewhat of a better driver,,
    Ok you cant finish first in Kuala Lumpur, well finish the race and move on, trust me you will leanr and become a better driver for it.

    maybe when you go back there in your second season you might finish on the podium or even win,,,, you ask what you can do?
    i can only say stick with it and finish those races it does not matter if you come p1 finish the race,, you need to do this
  5. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    I have to agree with the above comments, it just sounds like you need to lowerthe difficulty level if you feel you need to win every race.

    As a person that also does 100% races I can appreciate that its a real bad feeling not to win and struggling to even compete as I just found out in my 2nd season with HRT at Silverstone, possible my hardest race to date.

    As much as the first season was easy to win the championship the second season is much harder and really feels like im having to push the car way beyond the limits of possibility to compete.
  6. Joel Vischer

    Joel Vischer

    get a good setup is very important, 2nd u should consider qualifying on primes even though u get 5th or so u'll drive way more laps than the guys on the softs (options) so ull have a good gap between you and your opponent and you can make a safe stop to get on the softs