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Wet Tyre Wear

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Karl Fuss, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    last but not least

    I recently was in a 100% distance online race in Kuala Lumpur. Quali was wet 100% and the race was said to be wet 81%. Wet tyres were required for Quali and the garage numbers stated they could last for 32 laps. no problem.
    Did one run in quali on wet tyres (2 hot laps) and back in the garage the tyres were down to 85%

    Race start - Wet tyres required. the brand new wets only made it until lap 15 before the worn tyre warnings were coming up. Pit for brand new wet tyres and they only lasted 17 laps before the tyre warnings were coming up!?!?! I pushed the tyres a few more laps and lost gobs of time then put on the 3rd set (85%) on lap 37. Still required wet tyres to run competitively until lap 42ish.

    Has anyone noticed this? said they should last 32 laps but red at lap 15.
    Also, does anyone know what happens in a 50% distance wet race?

    It seems to me that the wet tyres in a 100% distance race are scaled to 50% distance. Are the wet tyres scaled to 25% for a 50% distance race too?

    Also, what happens if it's a full rain weekend in our Careers? we're not going to have enough tyres to make it through the weekend.....
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  2. I've noticed this too, 100% at Kuala Lumpur, 100% of rain and my wet tyres will only last 10-12 laps. I lose around a second a lap after this. I could have the car set up wrong but I don't have a lot of camber or toe.
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  3. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    last but not least

    I tested 50% wet race in Kuala Lumpur last night and two things were very evident.

    1 - The tyre wear is just as bad. They were rated for 16 laps but on lap 8 i started to get the tyre wear warnings. all the AI pitted on lap 9 or 10 to change their wets as well.

    2 - The AI (Legend) are SUPER slow at Turn 1. I flew past them everytime at that corner. It's like there is a stop sign there that they are obeying. It's crazy. I thought at first they were just being cautious around Turn 1 because of other cars around them, but when the field got strung out and there were more cars on their own they still went very very slow through there. All the other turns were fine for them though. The hairpin, the last turn were no problem. But turn 1 seemed to make them completely forget where the throttle was.
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  4. Last edited: Oct 23, 2013
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  5. i had a 50% race last night in melbourne on 50% in changeable conditions, i only managed 9laps on inters before they were badly worn/red
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  6. That was probably because you put them on too early and they overheated.
    I was on slicks until lap 12, when I changed them to inters and stayed on them until the end of the race. Sure, they were worn out and the last two laps were too dry for inters, but that's still something around 15 laps of comfortable driving in the rain on one set.
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  7. strange i left mine late on, but even my 2nd set were badly worn before the end of the race!
  8. Ok, I went in for the inters on lap 16, so that's "just" 13 laps. :cool: