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Misc Westwood 1990 AI 2014-06-08


  1. Would of been better for you to send me the AI files i would re upload them in the track files.
  2. Not sure how to send you a file but you are very welcome to use this one in your next update, creating AI is very easy, but not every one is doing it so I am just trying to help those who are enjoying AI but not able to create the file.
    Thank you again for uploading this fine Canadian track hey!
    I had a fun race with GT3's on it last night.
  3. Cote, there's a problem with a start race... on the left cars crash... and Malaysia too... don't crash but brake in the middle of the circuit...
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  4. Yes, unfortunately nothing I can do about it, as they are both related to issues with the track. As the tracks are going to be improved those issues will disappear .
    After the start there is still good racing to get from Westwood.
    In Malaysia the issue might have been fixed already but the AI might not realize it is gone, I will be back To my rig Thursday and try again, if it works better. , I will update it
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  5. Thank you so mutch for your work!
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