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Tracks West fengdong car V1.2


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  1. Very nice track :)
    It would be nice to have a bit more variety in trees, but not really important. The electricity pylons look a bit weird, as they suddenly begin and stop.

    Right now, in the UI, it's called something like WFDC or something. It would be nice to change that to the actual name.
  2. thank u for your evry useful information so I can build this track out.
    I am adding some tyres to it ,and ,WFDC just the short name about WEST FENG DONG CAR
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  3. Looks nice but I'm getting issues with motion blur, anyone else noticed it ?


    Seems like you've chosen the wrong material for grass and grass texture as they don't receive motion blur.
  4. I found this promblem but don't know why:(
  5. Not sure either, which material are you using for the 3d grass and 2d grass textures ?
  6. just the ksGrass
  7. how to fix that?
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  8. how to make grass issues with motion blur?
  9. I would gladly tell you if I knew. I thought you've used the wrong material but no.
    Maybe ask on the official forum ?
  10. Great track for drifting! Thanks
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  11. I've asked Si3v about the motion blur issue but I don't understand the answer.

    ...regarding grass not being blurred, could be just the material alpha blended and the object flagged transparent, so it wouldn't be included into the motion blur.
  12. but the grass must set to transparent..
  13. But only the 3D one, the 2D - the main texture is not right ?

    Maybe he thought I asked about the 3D grass but it's the 2D that creates those white areas.
    I'll ask specifically about the 3D grass later.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2016