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Mods Weather Improvements - Greece 1.03

Realistic color lovers

  1. ojciecmajster submitted a new resource:

    Weather Improvements - Greece - Realistic color lovers

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  2. Mate, thank you for your work on these weather improvements but... the originals seems just fine to me, and I can't really tell what you have been change in these three countries... :unsure:
    So, would you mind to post some screens before/after ? Thank you.
  3. For this reason, a replace only half of them. CM did one skybox texture for 12 stages. I created only 3 for each day time. Now stages are more diferent ;)
  4. great work as usual!
  5. great, thanks!! it's simply fantastic, i wait galles and montecarlo!! :)
  6. Monte Carlo is already good. I cant improve what is perfect did ;) Next comming UK and then Germany.
  7. Ok, so you made different skies for differerent stages, I got that.
    But perhaps you gone too far in some stages, trying to make them different from original.
    I mean does this look realistic to you ?


    Rain from quite clear sky. :O_o:
    It's from your, edited, Finland rally.
    Doesn't the change in weather condition (clear/rain) afect the type of the clouds we get ?
    I believe it should.
  8. Sky texture are 360 degrees. On screen is a part where is a blue sky. Rest is cloudy. Sometimes that weather happens at end the rain and you can see the blue sky
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  9. Ok mate, thanks for your answer. Keep up with your mods.
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  10. Some corrupt files in Greece and Finland v1.02 so you know. :) Cant replace all files as how it is now.
  11. I checked files and evrything works fine. Witch file have you corrupted?
  12. I think in Greece it was route 4 and some in Finland but will download it again then later, to see if it was something with the download.
  13. In greece and finland i delete 1 sky texture and replaced by orginal one, because was too blocky. But those files are correct and have no errors/.
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