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Mods Weather Improvements - Finland 1.02

Realistic color lovers

  1. ojciecmajster submitted a new resource:

    Weather Improvements - Finland - Realistic color lovers

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  2. Woop...This is awesome! You are doing a superb job man. Looks fantastic!! Sweden was spot on! Cant say how much more realistic it looks now.
  3. Thx, next coming Greece or UK. It depends on how quickly I find the texture of sky (Sunny midday in Greece or cloudy sky in UK). If someone know where can I get it, please let me know. Sky textures must be 360 and best HD quality.
    For example:
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  4. well done, thanks a lot.:cool:
  5. thanks a lot.:cool:
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  6. have not d/l yet, but, will do in the future. Question: will you be working on Pike's PeaK? Is it hard to do? I mean, is it just a matter of laying a stock picture of clouds? Real n00b questions because I have some pictures of various cloud formation during our road trips. Wife has evening/sunset pictures.
    Thanks for sharing this btw. Happy New Year
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  7. Sorry, but I'm not going to change anything with sky in Pikes Peak and RX. Sky texture must be 360deg to be usefull like this https://www.cgskies.com/browse.php?type=altostratus
  8. I see. Thanks. Learning something new everyday :)
  9. It is for sure, but i dont remember in wich country.
  10. i think i saw it in Greece... deep blue with a few Cirrus clouds

    just drove a few stages there this evening :)