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WC Highlights - Round 3, China

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, May 18, 2013.

  1. Sorry for the big delay this time, hopefully the next videos will be out sooner.
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  2. Great job guys :)
  3. awesome stuff again guys!!!!!!!!!!thanx But commentators hmm could be more positive cause i know Gosbee had to back off but Mallorgi had no chance to overtake me and telling the broadcast that he was not allowed he was not able to...thats a differance its like saying i was gifted the position in a way yes from Gosbee but not from Mallorgi
    They wanna Race WC sure but the rule should be if top 5 WC not allowed in WS or WT at all in my eyes............

    I don,t make the rules!

    Anyway great vid
  4. Mallorgi i think its Mallorqui but anyway great vid guys the WT Highlights will be out later tonight or tommorow if possible
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  5. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium

    Top job boys ;) I love finding these vids in my subscription box now.
    Nice work with the filming Johnny, and Scott your comms are top rate!
    Keep going guys...only 12 more vids to make this year :p
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  6. Thanks mate, I´m glad you like our work.

    The basis we got for the Videos is really great and makes it possible to produce them with this quality and within a reasonable time (even if this time that didn´t quite work out).

    only 12 videos to go sounds... encouraging :p
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  7. Great video again!
  8. Javier Alvarez

    Javier Alvarez

    Great, Great work!!
  9. Thanks Simon! I'm doing my best to put togther a script that is as informative as it can be as well as potentially entertaining too :)