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Wall texture problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by jocalabrese, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Have many problem with my track!!!

    In this first Photo

    have a wall with texture, and the result is good

    In this second and third photo



    I put the same texture of the wall but on the ground directly, but the result is pitiful, why?

    In this fourth picture​


    there is a comparison between the two


    Other Question, on the first photo i have the wall without a front face, how to add?​

  2. in the surfaces or walls tool:
    click the material tab - there are 2 sub tabs:

    -Advanced Settings

    click on Advanced Settings, here you adjust the scale of the image applied to the selected material

    -click 'per meter'
    here you adjust the x and y scale till it looks how you want.

    capping walls:
  3. Hy!!
    I would like to ask, how the gps work in btb??
    what kind of gps i have to buy and how can i save the route that i want to make??
    gps save the complete route or every 2-3 meters coordinates or how pls somebody help...
  4. I haven't tested with a modern gps, my old etrex gave pathetic GPS tracks @ ~30mph the problem is update speed - apparently many/most GPS's only update every 5 seconds .. I've seen one that had a option to set 1 second updates, that would help ...

    the biggest problem for mine was the elevation was way off of a inertial GPS track of the same stage .. (they use inertial GPS to make the route notes in the US rally series)

    if you can get good elevation data, the best GPS is your computer - make a gps track in google earth, or with a program like topofusion .. this is also the way to go when working with topo maps for elevation

  5. I have tested a gps with Mcguider on my Nokia N95 the result is a file .nmea but don't convert it to kml!
  6. Texture Problem

    Have another problem with my track:


    My project don't work on my rfactor have one error with an texture see....


    But do no work at me, I sent the track to a boy who helps me, and he does everything with no problems!

    Don't have see this texture!!!!

    Sorry for my english!!
  7. the problem is . i try to get the root from the google earth but i didn't get the height coordinates.i tri the link that u can find here to get the z coorinate but i didn't work. it was too low ( u can't see the differences)or was too high.

    i can get the topo map of the track but how can i get the z cooridnates?? without gps ?? :D