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Discussion in 'Racer' started by Rick Cross, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. I just got an email from ProFlightSimulator touting the "ultimate racing simulator", VRacer

    My past experience with them immediately made me suspicious. ProFlight Simulator takes the open source FlightGear, repackages it and sells it as their product (which is legal under the open source license of FlightGear.) Worse, they use pictures from Microsoft Flight Simulator X, etc to promote "their" program.

    So when I saw almost the exact same format of the site trying to sell me VRacer, I started searching and found Racer.

    Are they doing the same thing to the Racer community that they do to the FlightGear folks?

  2. They are pictures from Racer's website, yes. No idea what the actual product they're selling is, Racer hasn't been open-source in a while. The features they list aren't in Racer so maybe the whole thing's just made up.
  3. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    the vid too...maybe interesting for ruud? and if i look to the min. pc specs, it's possible to base on the 050f surce code...

    1. a 2 GHz, dual-core CPU
    2. 512 MB Ram
    3. 1024 x 768 px Display with at least 16 bit color
    4. DirectX compatible graphics card with 128 MB Ram

    ...verry weak...but good for 050f...
  4. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    What a lovely company... thanks for showing us OP.
  5. From the disclamer page on their website:
    "VRacer is not endorsed and/or related to any other racing game or any other company in any way shape or form"

    Big lie!!!

    There is an image that looks like swiss stroll which I'll check out which could make it a violation of copywrite law.

    The short video certainly looks like RACER when the car spun of and was returned to the track like we press Shift-F key.

    Checked out image which IS swiss stroll which was made by Tobias Greunter (orig) updated to cg by RUUD.
    The map is IDENTICAL

    I am thinking about spending the $37 and checking to see if there are any of more RACER cars/tracks.
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  6. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    yes Bob you are right!
    did ruud see it? sounds like work for the lawyer....

    Capital Punishment.

    Joking xD... But it is absolutely sick what they have done.
  8. at least half of those pictures I recognize from the Racer site, and they are charging for this? where did they get the "40+ cars and 30+ tracks"? and did they get proper permissions for them?. This site has fraud written all over it to me. Also couldn't help myself, had a few questions of my own to ask them lol.
  9. My brother went on their youtube channel yesterday and asked "Isn't this game just Racer, that free racing sim?" and the guy replied "Nope" :mad:
  10. Haha, hmmmm...

    Maybe they are charging for the content and just give you Racer for 'free' by downloading it?

    Is that commercial use?!

    But I think it's more a scam. They probably just take your money and run for the hills.

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  11. Well now, they must be readimg this thread as the Swiss Stoll image is no longer on the website!!

    It's nothing more than TORCS packaged to sell to unsuspecting people that might think it's RACER. TORCS is a free program as I tried it once a long time ago and perhaps they should be notified of these scamers.

    TORCS also works with keyboard! how bad can they get?

    This thread should be made a sticky to warn people to stay away from them.
  12. I sent them a message earlier asking why their pictures all happened to be exactly identical to those from Racer. So I probably did that, shows you that they are clearly a scam site.

    I couldn't find anything on TORQS, but I wouldn't be surprised if thats just where they stole their images from now.

    Also I agree this thread should be stickied, maybe even brought to the attention of Bram?
  13. I mis spelled TORCS, sorry bought that. Anyway Vracer is in violation of the GNU license that is use by TORCS. I Googled it and got info to contaact them and I did let them know about Vracer.

    If they are reading this they nay suddenly disapper.
  14. Screenshot it. All of it. with the date and time, and the URL. All this can be used as information in court. And is one of us willing to actually get the program to check for stolen things?
  15. Ruud and I think this has SCAM written all over it!
  16. I really wouldn't worry about it.

    They are not real people or real faces, just stock imagery from somewhere or other no doubt.

    All they are doing is mining for the one in a million person who will fall for their sales pitch and send them money for them to then run with it.

    I wouldn't even risk buying it as you probably won't even get a copy of Racer and some ancient 049 content to run on it :D (Boomer would feint at the QLOG size if he did haha :D )

    It's not harming Racer in any way, indeed the forum seems more alive than ever after this turned up ;)

  17. Well, this settles it. Time to close up shop and admit defeat.
    I wish we had these kinds of quotes on our site, this is some serious business:
    "The game speaks by itself. I'm a professional demo driver and the realisim of this game is big step up over the others and competition."

    I don't even know if I should laugh or cry at that pun realisim in the quote, they even figured that one out, clearly showing their superior intellect, even when not developing sims they are on top of their game! Where do I apply!
  18. I read quote, I love the guys apparent job "Professional Demo Driver". Where do I sign up for that job! (of course I'm assuming that in his case demo is short for demolition lol).

    Another quote i laughed about was "The graphics are great" wonder where he was looking, because judging by the pictures they were great... ...10 year ago.
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