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Skins Vodafone McLaren Honda (Fantasy) 1.1

Vodafone McLaren - The best i could do with no sidepod editing

  1. Elchambre86 submitted a new resource:

    Vodafone McLaren Honda (Fantasy) - Vodafone McLaren - The best i could do with no sidepod editing

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  2. otimo adorei se for possivel equipe manor com patrocinio da mercedes
  3. Just 2 quastions. Is it possible to add sponsors to the hood off the car, you know above the driver numbers? Like a Vodafone logo, I guess it's not possible but im not sure... And 2nd, what about make it in silver/crome instead off white?

    But it looks good, way better then the 2016 irl version...
  4. Great work has as you faser ha team manor with the sponsorship of the team mercerdes
  5. You have to teach as faser this mod and my personal use agradeco if der to faser apologize for my bad english.
  6. Really like it! Is it possible to make it silver over white though? Maybe add some logo to make it look a little less boring from a TV-pod cam.
    I will probably end up using this for my 2nd career year anyhow and if you don't mind I might try to modify it a bit myself.
    Great work though, I really wanted to see one like this.
  7. Very good
  8. I think it still looks a bit odd with the silver, I think maybe releasing 3 different versions with white, silver and the original black would be a good idea. I'd definitely use a black one if you released it. This silver one still looks a bit odd with the silver endplates (unfortunately cant make them black)
  9. Will you be making a full team? For example garage and pit crews?
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2016