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Misc Vocals : Talk to your pitcrew & engineer 17/07 23:00

Voice Recognition profile to talk to your engineer

  1. Willcani submitted a new resource:

    Vocals : Talk to your pitcrew & engineer - Voice Recognition profile to talk to your engineer

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  2. the file profiles_xml.vc does not contain the commands :?
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  3. Please made a video
  4. Uhm, how do I choose the file? When I open Vocals and choose the file, it doesn't contain anything?!
  5. hi, this program run in every language or only in english?? thx!
  6. Please follow the instructions.
    To import the profile you have to run & quit vocals once. Then you overwrite the profile_xml.vc file with the one provided to you.

    There is no built-in import function in the soft.
  7. It runs in the language of your computer (because it uses windows recognition engine), you would have to change the title (which is the trigger phrase) of each command, and make it correspond to your version of the game.
  8. okay, after update, all the commands appeared and are working like a charme !! :)
    thanks for your work :rolleyes:
    but it took me 1 hour of my life to find out, that they are working with the original G27-settings.
    I cant use custom settings, even leaving D1 to D4 untouched.
    I would like to use other buttons for looking around etc.
    perhaps you can fix that ?
  9. another thing I noticed
    steering during execution of the comand (sequence of D1, D2 ....) is sometimes impossible.
    may be, that the pause of 0,5 second is causing this ?
    can the pause be shortened ?
  10. That's ingame constraint. You can't use custom controls on various peripherals... My solution works if you use only default conf. Sorry. I can't fix everything for everybody.
    As vocals is pretty heavy for making modifications, when i want to reassign a button, or change the duration of the timers, I edit directly the profile file by making a "find/replace".

    I am not the developper of the soft, if I knew how to program in C#, I would certainly make the corrections to make it more "user-friendly", but at this time it is a fair alternative to voiceattack.
  11. I just want to leave a big Thank you here for this mod again because at first I was really disappointed from not having this feature available for PC but you made it possible for no money. I really love this and it works great.
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  12. how can i add the command to mute or unmute the engineer?
  13. I don't see any keyboard shortcut to mute the engineer, it's in the settings, it's not possible to switch during the game, I think.
  14. Weeeell, thank you =D

    But don't get overexcited my dear friend : I only made the profiles (took some time okay, but not that complicated). I found Vocals as a free alternative to Voiceattack.
    If you want to thank directly the developper : here is his github profile of the developper
    I don't have his email adress yet, but if i find it, i'll invite him here to read the positive feedbacks.
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  15. Code:
      <Keyword name="Be Quiet" delay="0" confidence="10" en="engineer quiet" ja="enjinia damare" fr="ingénieur silence" de="ingenieur radio aus" it="ingegnere zitto" pt="silenciar engenheiro" es="silenciar al ingeniero" pl="inżynier nic nie mówi" ru="инженер тихо" langdbId="">
      <Action type="UICommand" param="recognised" />
      <Action type="playSpeechVO" param="Confirm_VC" />
      <Action type="GameCommand" param="mute" />
      <Keyword name="Talk to me" delay="0" confidence="10" en="engineer talk" ja="enjinia oshietekure" fr="ingénieur parole" de="ingenieur radio an" it="ingegnere parla" pt="ouvir engenheiro" es="pedir al ingeniero que hable" pl="rozmowa z inżynierem" ru="инженер говорит" langdbId="">
      <Action type="UICommand" param="recognised" />
      <Action type="playSpeechVO" param="Confirm_VC" />
      <Action type="GameCommand" param="unmute" />
    The commands exist inthe game
  16. What keyboard button ?
    You need a keyboard shortcut to add a command.
  17. I am quite computer literate but really cannot understand the install instructions as simple as they look.
    Put the exe into a folder name vocals which I do, but the game won't open now as it's not in the same place as the DLL files, so I move the DLL files over to vocals too so it will open still no profile generated, please someone point out where I am being dumb?
  18. The exe you have to put in a new folder, is "Vocals.exe" (the one you have to download )
    Not the game =D

    Follow the instructions from there, it should work ^^